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SOUNDS OF THE ROCKIES - Colorado School Dance DJs - MORE Testimonials!

"Repeat customer 15 years or so... Super flexible and nice...Keep being awesome!"  Erwin Middle School 05-04-18

"Been with you for years....You guys are so awesome to work with! DJ was friendly and flexible, the music volume was a little too loud. Overall, awesome job!"  East High School Cheyenne 04-28-18  

"Students that attend (saw at) STUCO Summer Camp... Worth the price!... Wonderful - reached out leading up to the event. DJ was friendly and worked with me!"  Greeley West HS Prom 04-14-18

"Returning Client... Pricing was fair. You have been awesome to work with over the years...  FABULOUS! Jimmy was great! Kids had a great time. Thank you!"  Erwin Middle School 02-09-18

“Jimmy was very friendly & interacted with the students.”  Cheyenne South High School Turn About Dance 02-03-18

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything this past weekend. Our homecoming was amazing, and Bruce did a great job..."  Overland HS Homecoming 10-14-17

"Thank you for a great dance experience!"  Northfield HS Homecoming 10-13-17

"Stephanie always responds so quickly!"  Prospect Ridge Academy Homecoming 10-07-17

"Did not research other companies...Bruce was amazing! Kids loved the dance."  Frederick HS Homecoming 09-09-17

"Students found the songs very entertaining....Overall, very well liked."  Heritage HS 08-25-17

"Loved your DJ services...Thanks for everything!"  Monarch High School Prom 05-12-17

"We appreciate you being the DJ at our high school dance. Thank you for your help and making our event fun!" Jeffco Virtual Academy 04-27-17

"We are repeat customers! (Price) Worth it! You all are always the BEST!!"  Colorado Early Colleges Prom 04-08-17

"...Extremely helpful...We had a great event with Andrew's help! The selection of music was perfect and he was incredible with the students!"  Grandview HS Prom 04-08-17

"Repeat customer...Price is very comparable...(pre-event) Very helpful! Stephanie is always great to work with!...Great job! Erik kept the kids dancing all night."  Cindi @ (Private) Prom 04-08-17

"We love Sean! My students thought he did a great job with the music!  I have been trying to tell my students to just let the DJ do his thing and not give him a request list, and sure enough...we heard a TON about the amazing job he did as always!... I think I have had him as out DJ almost every time for the last 10 years, and he is a big reason why we keep coming back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Ralston Valley HS Winter Dance 02-04-17

"Bruce was AWESOME!!!" Preston Middle School 10-28-16

"Erik, our DJ, was amazing. The kids loved his music and he did such a good job interacting with them.  The guy decorating was so nice and did a great job..." Cheyenne South High School Homecoming 10-22-16 

"Price was perfect...The students had awesome comments about DJ Jacob! They loved him! Erik & Jacob ROCK!"  Colorado Early Colleges Fall Formal 10-08-16

"THANK YOU" Ft Collins High School Homecoming 10-08-16

"Great! Company worked with the budget...We love Mariah and appreciate her..."  University Schools Homecoming 10-08-16

"Stephanie is awesome! She is always so helpful and a pleasure to work with... The students had a blast!"  Lynette, Middle School Dance 10-07-16

"(pre-event) Great and helpful...Great DJ...Thanks for the last minute booking"  Discovery Canyon HS 08-27-16

"Good price...Went really well, we appreciate the DJ understanding & listening to our song choices."... "Our Dance was phenomenal!" (by teacher) Heritage High School Welcome Back Dance 08-26-16

"Emails were answered promptly/ all questions answered...I thought the price was reasonable - the evening was worth it! I didn't have to do anything :) ...A perfect way to end the school year! I was surprised to see everyone participate and the 'dance off' between boys & girls was hilarious. This will be a yearly thing for us!" Bauder Elementary 5th Grade Graduation Party 05-25-16

"You office reps were a huge help setting everything up!...Your DJ interacted with our students and adjusted the playlist"   Eaton Middle School 

"Awesome!...One of the best"  Fort Collins High School Senior Celebration 05-18-16

"We only use you!...Great!"  Columbine HS Prom 04-30-16

"Great...Much better (than others)!"  Skyline HS Prom 04-30-16

"Much better and more friendly..."  East HS Cheyenne Prom 04-29-16

"...Worth the price...Everyone enjoyed the music!...Great job! We'd love to use you for next year..."  Adams City HS Prom 04-23-16

"Ongoing partnership...have only worked with you...Awesome!"  Legacy High School Prom 04-23-16

"We always have you...Stephanie was excellent start to finish...We love you all @ Sounds of the Rockies...Erik was so great!  We want him again!"  Colorado Early Colleges 04-16-16

"We have used you in the past...response time with emails was fast and easy...You are the only company we contacted..." Columbine High School 12-18-15

"(pre-event) So helpful - and we were a big pain in the butt!... (price) High - but really great product and service... 10 - Fantastic!!!"  Legacy HS Homecoming 10-10-15

"Mark was GREAT on Saturday. Very professional and the kids loved the music. We had almost 400 kids at the dance and I think there were over 300 left at the end. He did a fabulous job!"  Kim @ Cheyenne South Homecoming 10-03-15

"...(pre-event helpful) Heck Ya! Michelle ROCKS!...(price) High; definitely worth the cost...(service and equipment) 10... Best in Northern CO...Love Sounds of the Rockies!"  Troy Rivera @ University School Homecoming 09-19-15

"DJ was GREAT!"  Julie @ Preston Middle School 09-18-15

"It was a great night and Sean did AWESOME! We had a record crowd and kids didn't leave til the end. Great night! Thank you!"  CTHS Homecoming 09-12-15

"Used you for years... (pre-event) very helpful and knowledgeable... Price was worth the price - always willing to work with us... One of our favorites - Thanks for all your help!"  Heritage HS Welcome Back Dance   08-21-15 

"Thank you! For helping us with LAMB SLAM we couldn't have had such an amazing event without you!"  Ft. Collins High School Student Council 05-20-15

"Regulars :) ... Excellent! We continue to return to you, must mean that we LOVE you!...Heard wonderful comments from students & staff about his (DJ) music taste!"  Overland High School Prom 05-09-15

"CTHS has used you for years...Great...Keep up the good work..." " Ms Kennedy, Thank you so much for helping us with the DJ and Photo Booth for our prom week. It was a blast and we really appreciate you!"  Cherokee Trail High School Student Leadership/ Prom and Prom Week Events 04-25-15 

"No confusion or complaints... (price) Very reasonable...High Quality...Students were very happy with the DJ, music, and lights. The experience was easy and smooth. Thank you!"  Bear Creek High School Prom     04-24-15

"I didn't contact other companies because we have been satisfied with the services you provide....10"  Pomona High School Prom 04-18-15

"...just want to say thank you to your team. Bruce did a great job, and our dance went very smoothly. I think this was a direct reflection of his music selection. Thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you guys."  Kelly Walsh High School Prom 04-18-15

"Prom went great on Saturday! The DJ had lots of energy and really pumped the kids up. I am very happy with how everything went. I have not heard any complaints yet from students, so yay!..."  Thornton High School Prom 04-18-15

"Thank you Sounds of the Rockies, and especially Bruce, for playing our Prom!"..."The music was absolutely great!"... Eagle Ridge Academy Student Council/ Prom 04-10-15

"Been using your company for years!...VERY fair (price) - I super, super appreciate the discount you give us for the photo booth each year...I will use your company until I no longer advise the student council :) Love, Love, Love your company!"  Erwin Middle School 02-13-15

"One of the best!  Your services, prices & employees are why we return every. single. year!" Overland  HS Prom 05-10-14 

"(Pre-event) Very kind & helpful... slightly higher (price), but worth it!... (Sounds & Light) 10!... DJs with this company are always much more interactive - Jason danced all night and was a blast!...Thank you again! You guys did a great job."  Chatfield HS Prom 05-03-14

"(Pre-event) Always extremely helpful & timely!... Excellent - Always professional & easy to work wtih."  Heritage HS Prom 05-03-14

"Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for helping us make our Prom such a successful night. Without your help, we would not have had such a great DJ and lights package. Everyone was very complimentary of the LED Curtains and the music selection. We love working with you and Sounds of the Rockies and look forward to doing so in the future. You help us a lot when it comes to planning the dances and we can't thank you enough!"  Columbine High School Junior Senate 2014

"We have used you for years at CT... (Sound& Light) Excellent... I have only worked with you, but was very pleased."  Cherokee Trail HS Prom 04-26-14

"(pre-event) Very helpful and kind...Very helpful and knowledgeable - willing to work with our schedule and budget...pricing was reasonable and workable with our budget...  (Lighting) Great - loved the variation...Thanks Don & Michelle"  Loveland School Prom 04-26-14

"Sounds of the Rockies - Thank you very much for your business. The Niwot HS Student Council really appreciate you working with us and we are happy to say that the students loved the music at Prom. Your company was very professional, easy to work with and flexible. Thank you again!" NHS Prom 04-26-14

"...the kids danced the whole night...10"  Silver Creek HS Prom 04-19-14 

"...Well worth the price...DJ did an awesome job! Thanks"  Eaton HS Prom 04-12-14

"(heard through) Other High Schools / CHSAA Camp... (price) High - absolutely worth it, the best... Best name in the business when it comes to High School dances. Satisfied with everything. Amazing DJ as well, happy to have him again."  Dakota Ridge HS Prom 04-12-14

"Dear Michelle Kennedy, Thank you so much for all your help with the ThunderRidge Prom! I loved the DJ! I would also like to thank you for helping me with the Homecoming and Winter Dance this year as well. You have been an indispensable resource through this year. So thank you SO much!..." to the - "DJ - Thank you so much for DJing the TRHS Prom. You were great! We got so many compliments for having such a rad DJ. So good job and thank you so much! I really hope you DJ another one our our dances soon..."  Kortney @ ThunderRidge HS Prom Junior Class 04-12-14

"Returning client!... (Price) Reasonable and VERY fair! Thanks!...  Much higher quality & great with youth... STAY AWESOME!  :) " Erwin Middle School 04-25-14

"Woot Woot!  We like you much better... We look forward to you at Prom..." Discovery Canyon Campus 02-13-14

"(Price) High but worth it... One of the best DJs we've ever had..."  Dakota Ridge HS 02-08-14

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you so much for supporting the Warrior Rumble Volleyball Tournament.... Chaparral, Arapahoe and the Claire Davis Family (fund) truly appreciate the effort you made to help us unite the Colorado Community... "  Chaparral HS Stuco 01-18-14

"...Very kind to our students... (price) just right... (sound) Fantastic 10 / A+... Music selection is way better (than others). I appreciate that you know what's appropriate at our school & yet don't have the exact playlist for every dance. Sean is an excellent DJ & we are thankful he comes to EMS."  Eaton Middle School 11-01-13

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for supporting us throughout the CHSAA Fall Student Leadership Conference. With your help, we were able to show what a great community Durango is to over 500 students and their advisers from across Colorado. Your assistance helped create a positive and energetic environment for all throughout the conference."  Durango HS Student Council, Fall CHSAA Conference 2013

"The quality of the service & equipment Rocked!... You exceeded our expectation!... Thank to Jimmy for an excellent night of fun memories"  Colorado Early Colleges Homecoming 10/25/13

"Used you for years... (price) a bit higher, but worth it... The kids LOVED the DJ and his style. They have asked for him again. I appreciated how he kept the kids dancing appropriately."  East HS Cheyenne Homecoming 10/25/13

"We always use you!... (Price) Worth it... (Lighting) 10/10 really different/cool... We really enjoyed how versatile the playlist was. The mix of classics, rap and dub could let all kids relate..."  Fossil Ridge HS Homecoming 10/12/13

"Referral from Fossil Ridge... Everyone I spoke with was very helpful. Pricing was exactly what I expected & value for the $$ was very high...10!!! Sounds of the Rockies was on par with the big companies I used in AZ and head & shoulders above local options here in Cheyenne. If your school isn't booking this company to service your events, you are wasting your money.  Sounds of the Rockies is fantastic!"   Cheyenne Central HS 10-12-13

"A couple of students went to Leadership Conference (saw performance)... Responsive to my students calling to organize... (price) Middle - So worth the price!!! So much better. Very involved in the process than others we have used which helped make our event run so smooth! Thank you for all your help! We had an incredibly successful event, and Sounds of the Rockies played a part in that!"  Horizon HS Homecoming 10-12-13

"(price)was a little high but we got what we paid for...Better than years past (other companies)" Centaurus HS Homecoming 10-12-13

"We've used Sounds of the Rockies for years...10"  Blevins JHS 10-11-13

"Worth the price. Excellent - Much better than anyone else... Jimmy was a fatastic DJ. We would love to have him return in the future."  Smoky Hill HS Homecoming 10-05-13

"We changed our minds a lot about what we wanted & they were very nice and informative... The prices were pretty average compared to other companies.  Last year we paid $2k for less and worse service (another company)... Sound system was great... (Lights) Great & great variety... Sounds of the Rockies is the best we have worked with & the sounds & music was exactly what we were looking for." - "Dear Michelle, Thank you so much with all your help in our Homecoming process. The DJ was fantastic and everyone loved the karaoke. You were so helpful through the entire process, which made it so much easier than it could have been..."  Student @ ThunderRidge HS Homecoming 10-05-13 

"...Great... Really worked with us to encourage appropriate dancing!" Broomfield HS Homecoming      10-05-13

"Always used (Sounds of the Rockies)... Michelle is always awesome!... Very well priced! Just right!... Love Sounds of the Rockies! Great options and good stuff played. DJs are always willing to change songs when I ask!..."  Eaton HS Homecoming 09-28-13

"Mike is such a Rock Star! My job is easy when Mike is the DJ!...  Our students love Sounds of the Rockies! The event takes a whole new energy & level when Sounds is playing music! Thanks for making our events so special! :) ... I have not shopped around, we just love Sounds of the Rockies!... Fantastic!"  Melissa @ Eaglecrest HS Tailgate Party 09-19-13

"THANK YOU Sounds of the Rockies for providing our students and community with great music!" With Raptor Love and Pride, Student Leadership/ Eaglecrest HS Homecoming Week

"We've been hiring you guys for a long time now!... In my 4 years of High School, we've always used your company... (pre-event) They were very helpful and patient; so easy to work with... Sound system ALWAYS amazing!... Fantastic lighting! Keep it up!... Strobe Lights were off the hook! Mark was wonderful, we would definitely request him for future events. You guys have always been a pleasure to work with!"  Student @ Rocky Mountain High School, Homecoming 09-14-13

"(pre-event) They got back to me quickly and were very kind and helpful... You guys were great!... Overall it was a great experience and the DJ tried to get everyone involved."  Niwot HS Homecoming  09-07-13

"Always used (Sounds of the Rockies)... Michelle is always wonderful!... Great price, great service! Best I've seen!... Students loved Jimmy and said it was the 'best dance Eaton High has had!!'  Thank you!" Eaton High School 08-23-13

"(we have a) Long-term relationship...Excellent...better quality of music provided - responsive to audience..." CLP Middle School 05-16-13

"...What we expect - just right!...Prefer you over any other company!"  Overland HS Prom 05-11-13

"...Little high, worth the price...10"  Smoky Hill HS Senior Celebration 05-10-13

"Michelle is wonderful...(price) Extremely reasonable! Always willing to work within our budget...Sean is the BEST DJ! We got a TON of compliments from our students!...Will only use Sounds of the Rockies!..." Ralston Valley HS Prom 05-04-13

"(Michelle) was great and very enjoyable to work with...You took suggestions from the students well, were friendly, and had a good playlist...Thank you very much we enjoyed having you..."  Coronado HS Prom 05-04-13

"Michelle, I just wanted to send a quick thank you! Prom this weekend was AMAZING. Our DJ was fantastic - easy to work with, he listened to our needs and requests, and served as an incredible MC for the night. He played all the right things to keep our kids dancing and having fun. Our students had a BLAST and still cannot stop raving about how much fun the dance was. Again, thank you SO much!! The night was amazing!"  Elizabeth @ Liberty Common HS Prom 04-27-13

"Reference from (another school)...(price) Definitely worth it! Prices were great for the fantastic service we got!...(sound) Fantastic!...We had comments, and we all agree, this is one of the greatest dance DJs we have ever had"  Bear Creek HS  Prom 04-26-13

"...(price) Reasonable..Awesome!...We haven't used another company..." Northglenn HS Prom 04-26-13

"Very have been great to deal with! TOP NOTCH!"  Erwin MS Spirit Dance 04-26-13

"(saw at) Student Council CHSAA...(pre-event helpful?) Very much so: worked with our student coordination team mostly; all seemed smooth...(price) Higher than what we've used in our area, but definitely priced similar to other out of town providers...(soune) Excellent...We LOVED our DJ and the music he played - very professional...We'll definitely be using you again - our Principal was thrilled!"  Basalt HS Prom 04-20-13

"We have always found Sounds of the Rockies to be reasonably priced and very reliable...We only used Sounds of the Rockies in recent years...We loved our DJ. He made it really fun and was good about working to please both the students and administration!"  Niwot HS Prom 04-20-13

"You've been our DJ for years :)...Excellent"  Ft Collins HS Prom 04-20-13

"(price is) Low - for everything you did!...10! :).."  Standley Lake HS Prom 04-19-13

"Good price...(service) Great...Never used anyone else..." Discovery Canyon Campus Prom 04-19-13

"I contacted Michelle from a business card I got at State Conference...Michelle always responds in a very timely manner and knows what she is talking about. She's also very friendly and patient!...(price) I would say in the middle and would consider it low compared to the quality of DJ...Sounds of the Rockies is far above. No complaints which is outstanding compared to reviews of other DJ (companies) we've had.  THS LOVES Michael!"  Thornton HS Prom 04-06-13

"We use you for every dance...We don't use other companies. The value is worth it (price). The quality of service is excellent for the price we pay...You guys are wonderful. So great we don't use anybody else"  Mountain View HS 03-16-13

"The package we got for the year was well worth the price... Way better than other company"  Rampart HS 03-16-13

"(Saw at) CHSAA...Good pricing for great quality...Perfect... Never used other companies before, but we were greatly pleased...Michael did a great job! He knew how to work the crowd & the students really had a great evening."  Discovery Canyon Campus HS MORP 03-01-13

"repeat booking...(pre-event) Fantastic... (sound system & lighting quality) High...BEST! Thanks as always! Looking forward to Prom."  Pomona HS 03-01-13 

"Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for being our DJ! Everyone had a wonderful time and we are so glad you were our DJ!"  Evangelical Christian Academy Class of 2015/  02-23-13

"Return customer!...(pre event helpful) Yes, yes, yes!!...Fantastic! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sounds of the Rockies! :) "  Erwin MS 02-15-13

"Repeat business...Fabulous!...We've only used you!"  Bill Reed MS 02-15-13

"The Best...Keep up the great work"  CLP MS 02-15-13

"...they are always very helpful...The prices are reasonable for the equipment and service provided...Sounds of the Rockies does a great job"  Columbine HS 02-09-13

"We have used (Sounds of the Rockies) DJs for HS dances in the past...they helped us a lot in a positive manor over the phone...I think it was good pricing for the package we got...Great sound system...I thought Sounds of the Rockies did well. Very punctual and handled setting up/ taking down by themselves great...Thank you for working with us..."  Windsor HS 02-09-13

"CHSAA - Frequent Flyer...Picture (on website) are great representations of the actual product...I always know my questions will be answered in the most professional maner...I have only used you cause I love the quality and Marcus has been amazing...Above the competition"  Overland HS Dance 02-09-13

"(saw us at) STUCO State Conference...(pre-event helpful) Yes, extremely. Michelle was wonderful...(price) Mid range and completely worth the price...Way more personable and involved with the students..Thank you thank you! For the 1st time in 6 dances, I did not have to listed to DJ complaints (FIRST TIME SOTR DANCE). The kids loved Michael!"  Thornton HS Dance 02-08-13

"Very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful...(price) High, but the quality is extremely worth it...Much better - for our Homecoming (not Sounds of the Rockies DJ) our DJ was unprofessional, unprepared and set-up and clean-up was long. You had great music...Thank you so much, you were awesome!"  ThunderRidge HS Dance 02-2-13

"You work with us nicely."  Colorado Academy 02-02-13

"It was awesome...Better than competitors! Cashius was great; kids love your company! Music had perfect flow."  Boulder HS 01-26-13

"Best (we've used)...I like how you discounted our dance because it was off season...Thanks!" Brush HS 01-19-13

"Sounds of the Rockies, I would like to thank you personally as well as on behalf of the Palmer Ridge High School Student Council. We are so grateful for your participation in the CHSAA Leadership Conference. You all provide an incredible experience and energy that no other entertainment group can and I absolutely love working with the company as well as having you at our own dances! Thank you again"  Brianna @ Palmer Ridge HS CHSAA Fall Conference 10-19-12

"(saw at) CHSAA Conference...(pre-event) Extremely helpful...(Price) High - although it was twice as much, the students enjoyed it more and it was better songs and cooler equipment...good transitions, good songs, nice DJ...(lights) Flashy, fun, exciting...Much more professional with more bells and whistles...Thank you so much!"  Discovery Canyon Campus Homecoming 10-13-12

"Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you so much for the lights you provided for our Homecoming Dance. It really made this years dance memorable. You guys are really fantastic and without you, Homecoming probably wouldn't have been as successful and memorable as it was. Thanks so much!"  Eaglecrest Student Leadership - Homecoming Decor Lighting 10-13-12

"CHSAA -(We) used you guys last year...(pre-event) They were awesome!...(Pricing) Perfect & Accessible...DJ was awesome - energetic & fun...Best DJ & Effects ever!"  Eagle Ridge Academy Homecoming 10-13-12

"We've enjoyed your business for many years...Your prices are average, but the quality of service and equipment is worth the price." Blevins JHS Dance 10-12-12

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you so much for the background music at our pep assembly. It sounded great. We really appreciate the variety of music you played."  Eaglecrest Student Leadership - Homecoming Week Events 10-12-12

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for providing music at our Eaglecrest Nest Fest. Our entire student body loved it. Most would say its the best one we've had in years!"  Eaglecrest Student Leadership - Tailgate Party/ Homecoming Week Events 10-11-12

"Sounds of the Rockies, WOW. Your casino and DJ skills are amazing. We have had only wonderful comments about the music played at the dance. Without you, we wouldn't have had such a hardcore dance! Thanks so much!" Windsor HS Homecoming STUCO 10-06-12

"We have used your company in the past...Excellent...The DJ was an excellent fit for our event...We are so grateful for how Michael handled the cold weather and was positive and fun"   Namaqua ES Walk     10-04-12

"(Pre-event helpful?) Yes also, follow through...(price) High - It was worth it - because the kids stayed until the end, and that's what we're aiming for...Good interaction from Jordan..." Brush HS Homecoming 10-06-12

"(Pre-event) Extremely helpful and courteous...Did not contact any other companies, always impressed with you!...(sound and light) Excellent! Loved the platforms!...This was my first dance that I planned, but the contact I had with you guys was great! Was a pleasure working with you!"  Heritage HS Homecoming 10-06-12

"Michelle was very helpful and understanding :)...You were the only company I contacted. Reasonable (price) enough to only call you...I love how willing you guys are to work with us. You all are very friendly. Thank you"  Coronado HS Homecoming 09-29-12

"Excellent - Muy Bueno!" Columbine High School Homecoming 09-29-12

"(saw us at) CHSAA State Leadership Conference...Great"  Bennett HS Homecoming 9-22-12

"Michelle was VERY helpful...(price) High but worth it for the big events...(sound & light) Excellent/ Above Average..."  William J Palmer HS Homecoming 9-15-12

"(saw us at) CHSAA/ Returning customer...Every time I call the office it is a great experience with knowledgeable and friendly people...(Price) - I am willing to pay for someone I rely on...(Decor Lighting) Wonderful - loved the deluxe lights...I have used one other company in Colorado. They were not ready on time and started repeating songs by the end of the night...We love Marcus & our kids love Marcus"  Overland HS Homecoming 09-15-12

"Used (Sounds of the Rockies) for many years...(Pre-event) Always very helpful...(Price) High, but no one is better...(Sound & Lights) Great - 10...Always have been great. Thank you."  Smoky Hill HS Homecoming 09-15-12

"Excellent"  Eaglecrest High School Assembly 08-23-12

"...A pleasure to work with...quality is excellent...We have been very pleased with Sounds of the Rockies. You have become our 'go to' for entertainment"  Grandview HS Senior Assembly & Celebration 05-17-12

"...(Sounds & Light) Excellent...(Marcus) was great!!...Wonderful! Didn't use you last year & regretted it!!!"  Overland HS Prom 05-12-12

"A student recommended you from CHSAA...Michelle was very friendly and helpful!...The price was higher than other DJs in the area but the quality & equipment was worth the price! 10!...You were much better than any of the previous DJs we have used from Prom before. The students loved the music selections and lights/video at Prom! Thank you for helping to create a memorable night for our students!"  Sierra HS Prom 05-05-12

"We love you...Excellent - much better communication" Valley HS 05-04-12

"Used your service have more bells & whistles..." Coronado HS Prom 05-04-12

"Sounds of the Rockies, Y'all were the bomb! Our Prom would not have been so legit if it wasn't for you. You did an awesome job and everyone loved you! Thanks again"  Palmer Ridge HS StuCO 04-28-12

"Used many times...(Price) A little high, but worth the price...Outstanding - 10...That is why we use you 4 times a year..."  Smoky Hill HS Prom 04-28-12

"Great quality, great DJ!...DJ was easy going, friendly & helpful!"  Prairie View HS Prom 04-28-12

"(saw at) State STUCO Fall Conference (CHSAA)...(Price) High - worth the price...Louder music, Better song choices..." Elizabeth HS Prom 04-27-12

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, We thank you tremendously for coming to our Highlands Ranch High School's Prom this year. You made our prom fantastic. The lighting and the music was perfect. Our whole school is still talking about the dance. Your DJ did a great job. We are going to continue to keep in touch with you for our dances. Thank you again."  ~Senate Juniors HRHS;  "(Pre-event) very helpful. Helped with the best prices...Low prices and great quality. Well worth the price, and we were helped a lot with getting the best prices on everything we wanted...The lighting, sound and music is all very good. Gets the kids in the mood to dance and have fun..."  Highlands Ranch HS Prom 04-21-12 

"(Pre-event) They are fantastic...You guys have a good price!...You are our favorites! Thank you for always being so fantastic!"  Niwot HS Prom 04-21-12

"(Pre-event)...they were all charismatic and helpful...You guys are great and awesomely amazing..."  Standley Lake HS Prom 04-20-12

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for being at Heritage for the MAD Week, Staff vs. Student basketball game. We were very glad to have a DJ at the game."  Heritage HS Student Government Leadership Class 04-20-12

"We've been with you for many years...Keep up the good work"  Blevins Middle School 03-30-12

"The DJ was great! Went into the crowd and got the kids involved - best we have had!!"  Thornton Middle School 03-23-12

"Compared to other companies we've used, Sounds of the Rockies was our favorite.  The relationship we've established with the company is something we really value...All the office reps we spoke to were very nice and knowledgeable. They answered all our questions...I would say the pricing was intermediate but it was worth the price. All the equipment and service was excellent...It was very pleasurable working with Sounds of the Rockies and will continue to use them for dances in the future if possible..."  Thompson Valley High School 03-17-12

"Fantastic...10...Another great event. Our kids loved it again & I was very satisfied with the service.  Sean continues to impress."  Pomona HS Winter Dance 03-02-12

"...You're awesome!..."  Palmer Ridge HS Winter Dance 02-25-12

"(saw at)CHSAA State Conference...Fantastic."  Bennett HS Winter Dance 02-25-12

"...Sean is awesome...Like you so much we don't check other prices...Fantastic."  Smoky Hill HS Winter Dance 02-18-12

"We have used you for a few years & love you!...They were helpful with everything we needed!...Your price is perfect for the quality of the sound...You guys are by far our favorite DJ to use! You guys were great!"  Niwot HS Winter Dance 02-17-12

"Return customer...Good bargain for service! Kids always say they love it! :) ...Not sure but I've heard that you are way better than the other DJs!...Keep up the great service! I love working with you!"     Erwin MS 02-10-12

"Very helpful and friendly...without the discount the price was a little high, but then again we did order a lot of cool stuff. The discount was amazing and really helped us stay within budget....(Sound System) 10+, the huge subs were bomb, they made it...(Lighting) They were really cool and really helped set the mood...We really liked the colorful boxes you have that other DJs usually don't have. The music was great. Not too many slow songs that were perfectly spaced...Overall it was pretty awesome! Thanks so much!"  Arvada West HS 02-04-12

"(Pre-event)...they were really really nice!...Pricing was great. We really appreciated the discount and the prices themselves were perfect...(Lighting/ Options) Amazing!...So much better. You worked with us a lot more (than other companies) and your lighting and pricing were so much better."  Boulder HS 01-28-12

"...(Price) High - but the kids stayed and that's what we are aiming cubes were awesome... Better than most...Great to work with - on time - Good Job"  Brush HS 01-14-12

"(Price)About the same (as others), but quality comes with you" Rampart HS 01-07-12

"...Quality was excellent...Much less to worry about! Great..." Thornton Middle School 12-16-11

"The DJ followed the request list superbly, almost down to the minute for the slow song requests. The leadership students were very pleased"  CLP Middle School 12-09-11

"Love Sounds of the Rockies, very knowledgeable & great to work with"  Ralston Valley HS 12-03-11

"(Service) Awesome!...(Price) Very fair for service provided...Great!"  Boltz Middle School 11-18-11

"(Sound & Light) Excellent...(Price)Good/ high for us, but worth it!...Much better...Awesome set-up, nice folks, great responses from attendees"  Eagle Ridge HS Homecoming 10-29-11

"We have always used SOTR...You were very helpful, especially with the last minute change. Thank you!"  Northglenn HS Homecoming 10-22-11

"Dear Don & Sounds of the Rockies!, Thank you so much for DJing our dance. We get comments all the time for how much fun the music was and how easy it was to dance to it. Thanks again for coming and we can't wait to have you again!  Thanks!"  Kimmy & Student Leadership @ Rangeview HS Homecoming and Assembly 10-15-11

"(Sound & Lights) Excellent - 10... (Service) Far Superior...Well worth extra price" Smoky Hill HS Homecoming 10-15-11

"Always helpful and specific...(price) on the middle to high end. The services were well worth the cost!...We have had major disappointments in the past. You all were excellent. Thank you"  Resurrection Christian HS Homecoming 10-08-11

"(Price) High but the quality was well worth it...Much better light, sound system, and over all selection of music...The DJ was awesome, everyone we talked to had good things to say about him."  Legacy HS Homecoming 10-08-11

"Sounds of the Rockies, thank you so much for DJing at our Homecoming dance. We've heard so many great comments about you guys from the student body. Thanks again and we hope to see you in May!" Coronado HS Homecoming 10-01-11

"Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you so much for all your help with homecoming week. It was very successful and we could not have done it without you. We greatly appreciate all you did. Thank you!"  Windsor HS Homecoming 10-01-11

"Blew them out of the water!"  Sand Creek High School Homecoming 09-24-11

"(used from) Past dances we've have a really friendly service & are really cooperative & great to work with! We will definitely use your company in the future!"  ThunderRidge HS 09-24-11

"We didn't contact anyone else :)...We've never used anyone else during my time at Rocky! Have truly enjoyed you guys!...We really enjoy having you!...You guys Rock!!...(Sounds & Options) 10 out of 10"  Rocky Mountain HS Homecoming 09-24-11

"(Price) It is high, but the service is well above what we have had before...(Sound & Options) Awesome. Much more impressive, many more options..."  Palmer Ridge HS Homecoming 09-24-11

"(Pre-event) Michelle was incredible...pricing was/is very comparable to other services...everything was awesome...Marcus was great, he kept the kids dancing & the lights were perfect for our theme - You are the first I have used in Colorado, but very similar to the DJ I used all the time in AZ & that is why I continued to use them for 5 years because he was greatt & cooperative & I never had to worry about songs or appropriateness."  Overland HS Homecoming 09-17-11

"Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for working so closely with the dance committee in order to create a successful Homecoming. From the lighting to the surprise transition everything went well. Please thank anyone involved in our Homecoming especially our DJ, Dave. Thank you for all your dedication and effort and we look forward to working with you again!"  Columbine HS Dance Committee 09-17-11

"We use you every year...The quality of the service was well worth the price. Sound is great. The lights we used were worth it...We love coming back to you every year!" Mountain View Homecoming 9-10-11

"Great...on time, good rapport with students..." Brush HS Homecoming 09-17-11

"Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for making our Homecoming amazing! We all had the best time and have heard nothing but good things about the music. DJ Sean was awesome :) " "...(Price) Much better deal - the price point is fantastic considering all that is included...We are very happy to continue this relationship through the 2011-12 school year.  Sean is a fantastic addition to our dances..." Pomona HS 09-10-11

"Great...Love you guys!" "High quality & service...Keep up the good work!" Eaton HS Back to School Dance & Homecoming 09-02-11 & 10-01-11

"You guys were great, thank you!" Grandview HS Prom 05-21-11

"You guys were very flexible to our time changes and always personable...Good sound, prompt, friendly. We will definitely use your company again!...Thank you for being so flexible with our moving times and locations. You guys are the best!"  Grandview HS Senior Celebration 05-19-11

"(Price) With the disount, you are the best...You are more professional and personal...10. I hope we can work together on all of Ridgeview's future events!"  Ridgeview Classical Schools Prom 05-07-11

"Your prices are very competitive. The service makes your price seem very minimal...A+...far and above all we have used in the past."  Highlands Ranch HS Prom 04-30-11

"Very helpful...Really great pricing. Really great DJ...Awesome...Way good. Better than most..." Arvada West HS Prom 04-30-11

"We have used you before...Very high on quality...(Pre-event) - they were great every time!...(Price) Similar - I don't mind paying extra for it to be good...(Equipment) Excellent"  Eaton HS Prom 04-23-11

"(Pre-event)...they were extremely friendly, accessible and informative...(Price) High but definitely worth it! This was the best DJ system we have ever used!...10, the sound was great...10, the different lights used were awesome!...You were by far the best company we have ever used!...We absolutely loved your company! We will definitely be contacting you again."  Air Academy High School 04-16-11

"Sounds of the Rockies: Thank you SO much for DJing our Prom this year! You did an amazing job and we had such a great time. We hope to work with you again soon! Thanks again!"  Niwot HS Student Council 04-16-11

"Rocky has used Sounds of the Rockies for past events...(Pre-event) Very friendly and professional...Very good - easy to work with, demonstrated genuine concern that our needs were being met...We had an interesting set-up request - DJ in the middle of the dance floor actually in a decorated gazebo. Sounds of the Rockies was very helpful making this a reality and helping us with the logistics required to make for a successful prom."  Rocky Mountain HS Prom 04-15-11

"...We don't want to look anywhere else. Why would we?...Have been using you for years...Excellent"  Bill Reed MS 04-15-11

"...Michelle is always helpful...(Price) Very comparable - appreciate the willingness to help out on pricing...I have used ***** for other events and your company is more professional and has timely communication...Jimmy was a lot of fun at the game. He jumped right in to the event and was instantly 'part of the family'. We want him back next year!"  RCS Student vs. Staff Basketball Game 04-08-11

"10...We love Sean!"  Silver Creek HS 03-19-11

"CHSAA...(Pre-event helpful?) Yes! Worked well with students...fantastic pricing!...Comparable to better. A great DJ at a great price! We look forward to working with you again!"  Pomona High School 03-11-11

CASINO: "You had DJ'd our dance a few weeks earlier...(Price) Competitive. Worth every penny...(Service) Very good. The gentleman were very friendly and fun to 'gamble' with...Better than past companies...Great job. We were happy to have gone with your services. The workers were extremely helpful in teaching and making it an enjoyable experience. Thank you very much..."  ThunderRidge High School Casino Event 02-25-11

"The reps were very helpful and always considerate and quick to return phone calls...(price) On the higher side but the quality was excellent!...Great! Sound was clear...Music selection was great, DJ did a good job...Students and Teachers approved."  St. Mary's High School Dance 02-20-11

"(Pre-event)...Very helpful. They contacted us when boxes that we were unable to get were now available. Very nice reps...Your pricing is average to high - however the quality and what you provide is worth it...Very good quality; sound system good, easy to hear, clear, lights & (lighted dance) platforms good upgrade...Dance platforms were great! Music was awesome & great quality!"  Grandview HS  Winter Dance 02-12-11

"Y'all are amazing...Our DJ was great!...(Price) High/Moderate, but well worth every penny! Although I don't even look @ other companies..."   Erie High School 02-12-11

"Used for 5 years...You are the best"  Ralston Valley High School 02-12-11

"(Price) Very Fair...other DJs charge the same (or higher) & I have been very pleased with your service... Different (school) clubs have used different DJs - students always say they like our dance/ DJs best. We get lots of compliments on the music selections too!! :) ...Keep coming to LEMS!! Thanks again!"  Ms. McCarthy @ Erwin Middle School 02-11-11 

"We have used you guys in the past...(pre-event helpful?) Yes! My call kept dropping and she (Michelle) was just so nice and understanding. Very helpful as well...The pricing was probably average compared to others. We ordered extra things, such as the screen, so it was a little more expensive but the equipment was worth the price...(sound system & lights) 10, it was great! Everyone like the screen!...You guys really listen to song requests, which is awesome because that is one thing our student body complains about is the music...The screen was a success!...Thanks again!"  Student @ Niwot High School Sadie Hawkins Dance 02-05-11

"Past TRHS Events...(pre-event) They were very friendly and kind, great customer service...(price) More low than high, but the service & equipment are definitely worth the price! - especially the Blacklights with the glow bubbles!...You guys do really well & have a great system for everytime we use you at an event. You're better than most from what I have personally seen in my high school career."  Ms. Vogt @ ThuderRidge High School Winter Dance 01-29-11

"...I love that you can work with us to craft a budget that works...(sound quality) very high...working with Don has been a pleasure. We will be using your company again!!" Highlands Ranch High School         01-22-11

"Great, as usual...(sound & light) excellent..."  Valley High School 01-22-11

"(Compared to other companies) Way better than what we've had. Great song choices...You guys did great. We are excited to have you at Prom!"  Heritage High School Welcome Back Dance 01-21-11

"(Pre-event)...they were very friendly...(Price) Good. Fairly low for how good the equipment is...We like working with you..."  Longmont High School Assembly 12-10-10

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies: Thank you for the DJs at Fossil Ridge High School's FBLA Glow Dance. The blacklights, star lights, white gloves and most of all the music at the dance was wonderful! This was the first year FBLA hosted the Glow Dance and Sounds of the Rockies made it a success with eveything you did. Thank you for supporting the Ridge Nation and we hope to see you again!"  Fossil Ridge HS FBLA Business Club 11-06-10

"Everything went well! Thanks for everything"  CLP Middle School 10-29-10

"Sounds of the Rockies were great! It was simple to go through the process and very stress free. They ran the event smoothly, were friendly, and professionally."  Broomfield HS Homecoming 10-16-10

"Sounds of the Rockies: Thank you so much for being our Homecoming dance DJ! We received many compliments on the music you played, the video screens, and everything you did. That was our best Homecoming yet and we'll be sure to contact you for upcoming dances! I would also like to thank you for working with our tight budget and confusing schedule. It's the care that goes into those little details that makes you a wonderful company to work with. Thanks again so much and we'll be in touch!"    Niwot High School Student Council 10-16-10

"Followed instructions really well. Lights were amazing! Successful dance mostly due to music and lights. Thank you for doing a great job."  Heritage High School Homecoming 10-09-10

"Thank you so much for helping with Homecoming. The DJ was amazing and did a great job sticking to our preferences. Thanks!"  Windsor HS StuCo 10-09-10

"I was very impressed by the DJ and casino tables. It was professional and was such a hit at our dance. The DJ sound was awesome and the music choice was perfect for the occasion...This is the best company we use and the DJ has teh best sound...Very good service, quick clean-up...(pre-event) So easy to talk to on teh phone. So helpful!"  ~ Ms. Corrothers @ Grandview HS Homecoming 10-02-10

"Thanks for another great dance! Sounds of the Rockies has gained my loyal business!" Ms. Jen Jantz, Loveland High School STUCO 10-02-10

"Students Loved the lighted platforms!! Thanks!"  Overland High School Homecoming 10-02-10

"...we have not received one negative comment about you guys yet!"  TRHS 10-02-10

"Great Job!"  Blevins JHS 10-01-10

"Everything was incredible!!"  William J Palmer High School Homecoming 09-25-10

"Loved the transitions between songs. Very smooth. Also, WONDERFUL job!"  Mountain View High School Homecoming 09-18-10

"You were awesome & everybody loved it! The highlight of our dance."  Sand Creek High School Homecoming 09-18-10

"Great dance, thanks!"  Northglenn High School Homecoming 09-18-10

"Best we've seen/ heard/ experienced so far... Everything was very impressive. You were easy to work with. (Price) High - but worth it. (Service & Equipment) 10+"   Falcon High School Homecoming with Casino 09-18-10

"We thought you guys did wonderful! Everyone thought the music was great!"  Grandview High School Prom 05-22-10

"The students didn't want to leave they enjoyed the music so much...(compared to other companies) best to date..." William J Palmer High School Prom 05-07-10

"Thank you - we loved Mark...Thank you for the great music" "Thanks so much for the great music! You made prom so much fun!" "The music was great! We really got down and boogied :) Thank you!" "Thank you, you made our prom perfect!" "Thanks for the music and making prom a blast!" D'Evelyn High School Students - Prom 04-24-10

"You were excellent! We look forward to using you in the future."  Englewood High School 04-24-10

"Sounds of the Rockies & Amazing DJ Crew: Thank you so much for your talent and services at our Prom this year! You did an outstanding job and we all enjoyed it! Working with you was a definite highlight of the planning process and our dance wouldn't have been near as fun without you! Thanks again!"  Niwot High School Student Council 04-24-10

"We were very happy with how closely the planning guide was followed...and with everything in general. Thanks!"  Northglenn High School Prom 04-16-10

"We couldn't have asked for better DJs at our Prom! They did such a great job and really made our night wonderful. They did a great job with interacting with all of us. We really appreciate the great quality. Thanks again."  Ranum High School Student Council 04-09-10

"Awesome!"  Blevins JHS 04-09-10

"Jimmy did a great job working with our staff during the dance. He was cooperative, positive and helpful."  CLP MS 04-02-10

"Great job as always"  Northglenn High School Karaoke Dance Party 03-12-10

"LOVED that you knew what we needed and downgraded the package we had ordered. You always do a fantastic job with our events!"  Windsor High School 02-20-10

"You were excellent. Our students were very happy. We have booked you for Prom and are very excited about that event. Thank you."  Kiowa High School 02-13-10

"Simply Superb!!"  Erwin MS 02-12-10

"Jimmy was our best DJ yet! He was cordial and attentive to the students. Thanks! We would like to have him back." CLP MS 02-12-10

"Sean accommodated my special lighting needs at the last moment. Thanks Sean!" Bill Reed MS      02-12-10

"Ben was great! It was a wonderful dance and we really appreciate your help with the new set up!..."  Rock Canyon High School 02-06-10

"Great Job!"  Blevins JHS 02-05-10

"(Music, DJ) Excellent...The 360 DJ was a great choice!"  Smoky Hill High School 01-30-10

"Great - again. Kids had a fun time. Thanks, Jimmy and Thanks, Michelle."                                  Colorado Academy 01-30-10

"The kids loved the music & thanks for playing "our" theme song as well....(Sound & Light) 1+++ (Excellent)."  William J Palmer High School 01-29-10

"DJ worked well with Students & Staff"  Eaton High School 01-23-10

"Overall performance was excellent..."  Longmont High School 01-09-10