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MORE Sounds of the Rockies Wedding DJ Testimonials...

"(referred by) Our preferred vendor list (venue)...Sean was absolutely amazing and made our wedding run so smooth and perfect!...(friendliness?) Far above average..."                Mandee & Patrick 09-09-18 

"Your services made our event flow nicely. The DJ made sure the sound wasn't too loud for the ceremony. It was wonderful..."  Shelby and Aaron 07-14-18

"Very accommodating & friendly....  Sam was great! He kept the party going & without him, we would have forgotten to do a few things! Very professional & very fun!"  Holly & Mac 07-02-17

"(referred by) The Barn @ Evergreen Memorial Park .... Price was higher thank I expected but I had no idea since we didn't shop around much... A good time was had by all! DJ was great - not too intrusive, just kept things moving."  Molly & Isaac 06-16-17

"(Referred by) Maid of Honor... (price) It was considerably low compared to other places, but quality was wonderful - worth the price!... Great!"  Perri & Alex 06-05-17

"Erik was absolutely fantastic. He was a pleasure to work with and kept our guests dancing all night!"  Arianna & Justin 02-04-17

"(referred by) My best friend's wedding... (Price) It was about the same as other DJs... (pre-event) They were very helpful & quick to respond as was the event planning guide...Loved it. Matt did an excellent job. The music and lights were perfect. Our wedding guests commented on the music and what a great selection it was."  Rebecca & Chris 01-28-17

"...(referred by) Mom - she uses you for work functions...Bruce did an excellent job...It was perfect. Bruce was awesome. I fully stood by his judgement on song choice. Good song choices :) "  JJ & Christine 11-05-16

"(Price) I thought everything was reasonable...Stephanie helped us for the most part (pre-event). She was always pleasant and replied fast...Matt was great...he was very helpful and aware of the dance floor 'mood'..."  Kadie & Nathan 10-22-16

"Pricing was reasonable, worth every penny - kind staff was wonderful... Everyone I worked with was very helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner..."  Brooke & Steve 09-10-16

"No concerns on price or service...Very pleasant, easy to work with, timely...Sean was great, came well prepared, worked with us to ensure everything we wanted was done and done well!"  Alex & Adam 08-05-16

"(pre-event) Stephanie was awesome! Very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful...Sean was great! I couldn't have had a more perfect night. Thank you!"  Cody & Stephanie 09-04-16

"Jimmy...Sydney & I want to thank you very much for helping make our day so special! We thought you did a wonderful job and were very pleased with your professionalism. Thanks again." Jamison & Sydney 09-04-16

"Great communication beginning to end. Thanks! All went issues with equipment, friendly/fun DJ - Thanks Sean!"  Lisa and Matthew 07-23-16

"(pre-event) Everyone was very nice...Bruce was great, very friendly..we loved him." Nick & Cierra 07-16-16

"(referred by) Water Valley...(pre-event) Very helpful & kind!... (price) Comparatively - pricing was great for service & equipment...Great job, Erik. You made our night so fun. Glad you were our DJ :) "  Hannah & Alex 05-14-16  

"(referred by) Co-worker... Low - great pricing! Sean was/ is very friendly and accommodating! He knew how to read the crowd and kept it upbeat!... The experience was perfect! It's hard trying to figure out the DJ and using Sounds of the Rockies by referral was the best thing we did for our music! Keep doing what you do! Thank you!" Sean & Jennifer 10-24-15

"(referred by) Sylvan Dale Ranch...(price) Comparable, but a little bit lower than other competition...Thank you for everything and your services....It was fun and thank you!"  Julie & Kevin 10-11-15

"Thank you for helping make our wedding day special!"  Jennifer 09-26-15 

"...(referred by) Friend from work... (pre-event) Very pleasant to talk to, went over entire worksheet to make sure everything was perfect for our big day... Very reasonable pricing - Well worth the money! Had an amazing time... Sean was absolutely amazing! He played exactly what we wanted. Everyone was out on the dance floor have the time of their life. Thank you for creating a fun and upbeat environment!"  Tabitha & Lyncoln 09-15-15

"Matt was amazing! Thank you for everything you and he did to make our special day so great! I will for sure recommend your company to anyone I know in need. Thank you again,"   Hannah & Chris 08-26-15

"(pre-event)...They were awesome and friendly...The price was in the middle. We only looked at your company...Excellent. You guys are way better than what I have seen." Troy & Molly 08-14-15 

"...It was about the same (price) as the other companies, but your immediate responses made me want to use you versus the other companies...Great!..."  Anna & James 08-08-15 

"Wonderful customer service throughout... (Price) Average and worth it...I would definitely recommend and/or use this company again...Office reps were caring and professional. Ben did an awesome job before and at the event!"  Courtney & Christopher 07-18-15 

"(referred by) Tapestry House Vendor List... (Quality of service) Excellent... I am the mother of the bride - I paid for it. I was very happy. Music was quiet when needed to be quiet, loud when needed to be loud. DJ kept things moving. VERY PLEASED!"  Reception for Bridget & Alex 07-10-15

"(referred by) Windsong Estate....Office reps were so nice and knowledgeable...Pricing was great for what we received! WELL worth the cost!...LOVED quality of service and equipment seemed great...Sean really listened to my requests. We had people dancing all night!... Thank you SO much! My family and friends loved it!"  Desirae & Joey 06-27-15

"(Pre-event helpful?) Very much so! Always professional and friendly! Also helpful all of the time...(service) 10 being AMAZING!...(equipment) It was awesome!...Bruce did a great job! He always kept the party going! We were very pleased! Definitely recommend this company and plan on using again if needed!...Thank you so much for making our special night a memorable one! Bruce was truly amazing! He kept the flow of things exactly the way we wanted it to be!"  Ashley & Derek 05-09-15

"Sounds of the Rockies...Our DJ, Sean, did an amazing job. We could not have asked for a better DJ. We did not follow the timeline at all & the DJ made everything flow perfectly. The song selections were spot on and he always kept us involved. Thank you"  Jordyn & Josh 12-27-14

"...What an absolute perfect day!!! sincerest thanks to you and your staffs and teams for all of your hard work and attention to details...The ceremony and the receptions for Lauren & Scott were just as they had envisioned..."  Walli @ Special Events Design 10-18-14

"Thank you for being a part of our special day! You were absolutely amazing & really got the party started! We appreciate all that you did to make our reception so wonderful! Our guests had a blast and danced the night away!  Thanks again!"  Mr. & Mrs. King 09-14-14

"Jimmy - Thank you for being a part of our wedding day!  Our guests had a blast, and we truly enjoyed working with you and Sounds of the Rockies! Thank you again!"  Krysta & David 08-31-14

"You exceeded - I asked that the DJ just be there to help the night along and provide music vs being cheesy and intrusive and that is exactly what we got out of Sean - it was perfect!... Very organized! Kept the party going - our guests had a blast!"  Meghan  & Ben 07-25-14

"To the entire team, Thank you for making our wedding day perfect. Between working on all of the details beforehand to the professionalism at the event. The day was flawless. We cannot wait to recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you!"   "...They went above and beyond...your professionalism sold us...songs were exactly what we wanted, DJ ready the crowd - floor was full all night... I will recommend you to everyone - truly the best - our day was perfect and you had a lot to do with it..." Ashley & David 05-03-14 

"...comparable pricing, quality and service was worth the price...DJ did a great job kept us informed of timing and continued to work with us throughout the night. Kept the flow of the night moving and kept people on the dance floor...Matt, thank you for everything you did for our ceremony/ dance. You were very professional and made sure we got what we wanted. Thank you again."  Dustin & Katy 04-26-14

"...Initial and second meeting were promptly scheduled and very informative... (price) Low, the service seemed like the best deal and we felt very comfortable with our DJ... The company seemed on par with other DJs we really liked, the reception party was definately enhanced by the DJ..."  Alyssa & Doug 03-01-14

"I did not contact anyone else - decided solely on Johanna's recommendation & Michelle's response... Excellent"  Lisa & Batnomin 12-30-13

"Thank you!! Perfect!"  Emily 12-28-13

"Friend had (Sounds of the Rockies) service at their wedding... (pre-event) Very helpful called with all last minute details... I would say your costs were low compared to others I've contacted but very worth it. Every minute of it.... (DJ) did an amazing job and is very good at the job he does. The hard work he put into our reception was great and greatly appreciated"  Sasha & Mitch 12-07-13

"(referred by) Friend... (pre-event) Enjoyed our interactions... You were affordable and had great service... (you were) Better than ones I've seen at other weddings... You guys were great to work with and made my life easier!"  Whitney & Cruz 11-30-13

"(referred by) Pam @ The Lodge at MacKenzie Place... We didn't contact any others, but we felt it was reasonable (price).  We were willing to cut back in other areas to make sure we had good entertainment.... I loved how quickly I received email replies!  That was so nice... (DJ) Good voice, entertaining! Funny!..."  Sarah & Brandon 11-23-13

"(pre-event helpful) Absolutely! Michelle was friendly & knowledgeable and got me hooked from the first call!... (price) I would say average but quality far over competition... Felt completely at peace & stress free after meeting... I can not thank you enough for helping to make our day so special!!!"  Amanda & Kiel 10-13-13

"...Enjoyed working with (pre-event)... (price) Low to medium; competitive pricing... First experience using a DJ. Very pleased!... The DJ (Matt) was awesome. Would definitely recommend"  Kristina & Matthew 09-29-13

"I was very happy..."  Kaytlyn & Tyler 09-21-13

"Dear Michelle, Don, It was so great working with you on Kayla and Joe's wedding! Everything turned out great and they were so happy with everything!... We would love to work with you again!..."   Casey & Megan @ Pink Diamond Events 09-14-13

"Michael was helpful throughout the whole process... Haven't had many experiences with any companies but I would refer you to anyone!... Michael was great! Changing venues due to the flood - he was very nice and flexible!"  Shannon & Joe 09-13-13

"...Quality of service was excellent for the price... (service) Above average... Great job on pronouncing all of the different/ unusual names in our wedding party. Thanks!"  Jennifer & Cy         08-25-13 

"(referred by) Brookside Gardens... Sounds of the Rockies was great to work with - you made this part of the planning process easy and helped give us a very memorable reception! Thank you! Sean did a great job - kept the dancing going the whole reception and was great to work with :) " Sarah & AJ 08-17-13

"(referred by) Gravity 1020 ...You're our first (DJ)! - but way better than the guy with an IPOD at the last wedding we attended... Everything went extremely smooth! Set-up was flawless and invisible to us. Kept the event & party running smoothly all night. I appreciated your willingness to use our song requests & your offering of suggestions/ advice. Jimmy stayed late without complaint & even managed to keep grandparents out on the dance floor with all our friends until 11pm. Not a bad song played all night! Thanks for everything!"  Erin & Jonathan 07-27-13

"Didn't contact any other company (referred)...Jimmy was great! Very friendly!"  Alyssa & Gabriel 07/20/13

"Michael, thank you so much for providing us with the perfect atmosphere for our wedding. You honestly MADE our reception!!"  Davlyn & Tyler 07-19-13

"(referred by) Friend - didn't price any other DJs... excellent to work with and did a great job of keeping the party moving..." Danae & Matt 07-14-13

"(referred by) The Ranch... We loved everything! You made our night perfect! Thank you!"  Teryn & Jimmy 07-13-13

"(referred by) Friend - called in, very helpful 110%. Amazing service above and beyond... (price) Best rates & quality ... No comparison the personable experience/ service was amazing... Thank you for making our day amazing!"  Carissa & Angie 07-07-13

"(referred by) Hilton Fort Collins... (pre-event) very helpful & knowledgeable... (price) Right in the middle. We are so happy with the way things turned out and the money was worth it...  Excellent we couldn't of had better!!!  Everyone we spoke with said Sean was excellent and the best DJ they have ever seen or had"  Kelsey & Andrew 07-06-13

"(referred by) Friends - I really only dealt with Michael. He always responded in a timely manner and answered all my questions...  I only talked to one other DJ (company) before Michael. There was no other option after finding him, so I didn't even compare (price)... I am a very loyal customer and have and will continue to recommend Sounds of the Rockies to anyone."      Kari & Gary 06-22-13

"Great price for quality work...You are way better than others...We really enjoyed our DJ. He did an awesome job! Very impressed!"  LeAnn & TJ 06-22-13

"(referred by) Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch...(price) on the high end but the quality was outstanding and we were given a discount. It was definitely worth it...haven't used other companies but wouldn't want to...Everything went perfectly for the music and the number of songs available was very impressive. Matt did a great job keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you!"  Lisa & Phillip 06-09-13

"DJ was awesome - price was a little bit more, but made the night awesome for us. He kepy us going and on track with our time frame... Sound was great - Lights - awesome... Never used anybody else - those we searched we all about sales - you guys were not.  Keep doing what you are doing - it works!! :) "  Jessica & Joe 06-08-13 

"My sister did all the research. The quality was great and costs were reasonable... DJ was awesome! Very detail oriented and patient during completing the worksheets (planners). He was also great about not sharing the father/ daughter dance... also was great at self adjusting music to fit the crowd. Thank you!" Michelle & Leo 05-25-13

"...Everyone was truly amazing and helpful...Your prices seemed fair and very comparable...(sound) 10!! It sounded great...(decor lighting) I LOVED the lights! They made everything look great...Sean was truly amazing! He was so great to work with and played everything we asked. The music he chose fit us perfectly. I am so thankful that he was out DJ! I HIGHLY recommend Sean and Sounds of the Rockies!"  Candice & Ken 05-18-13

"You did my sister's wedding in be honest, my sister liked you so much that I didn't look anywhere else...Jeff was a pleasure to have at our wedding. He did a wonderful job and we were very pleased with how much he ran the reception. I'd hire him again...Jeff was very nice, professional and interactive." Michelle & Michael 04-27-13

"(referred by) Steamboat Grand Hotel...(pre-event service) 10/10 - Both Michael & Michelle!..(Price) High and yes it was worth it...We really loved Michael! He was awesome! Our need were completely met!...We were so happy with our reception & music! Energy was up and we had a great time."  Anna & David 03-09-13

"(found on) The Knot...I believe we only spoke with Michael & he was extremely knowledgeable. I did receive an email from Michelle and it was professional...I feel we received fantastic service at an incredible price...Many companies were quite a bit higher and much more pushy...(sound and lights) Excellent...Michael did an amazing job!!! I would not have changed a thing. I will be recommending to anyone needing a DJ, etc....I really could not be more pleased. Thank you!"  Lana & Tom 02-23-13

"(Pre-event) I got it all wrapped up in a day over email!!...Way better, nicer and more professional...Michael was great! Very polite, professional and conscience of the environment! I wish we could get married again to have you there! :) "  Amy & Ben 01-05-13

"Thank you guys for everything! Matt did a great job of running the wedding and reception! I really appreciate that he ran the reception at our pace and made sure we were ready to move on to the next event before he made any announcements. That made everything so much easier and smoother! The music was PERFECT! I know we had a blast and so many other people have told me how much fun they had too! We went into this with the goal of wanting everyone to have fun and I know we accomplished that, so thank you!... Thanks again for everything! It was a great night that turned out better than I could have imagined!!"  Andrea & Marcus 12-15-12 

"You guys were the only ones (DJs) we asked. We liked how you knew about the wedding party and didn't look for others after meeting you...Thank you. It was awesome"  Natalia 11-24-12

"A lot of value for the price...very knowledgeable and professional...Michael did such a great job welcoming our guests and creating a very high level of participation and fun environment. We received great reviews about the job he did."  Michele & Robert 09-21-12

"Did not contact anyone else...They were magnificent! Very professional and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend them"  Jessica Markley 09-15-12

"...This was a great time in our life with our daughter. You made it great also. Thank you...(Price) A little high - It seems like it is just about the money with a lot of people we had to work with - but you gave us all that you said you would...(Sound quality) Very high :) ...(Lighting) High - Great...Have not used on (DJ) before, but you were the easiest to work with." Lori - Mother of the Bride 09-14-12

"Referral (from different friends)...(Pre-event helpful?) Yes, very! Everyone we dealt with responded back to any questions, etc very quickly & always answered/ no confusion ever! Michael was so patient with me changing my mind a million times on stuff so, thank you Michael!!...(Sound) Awesome!!...Have never used anyone else before but have gone to many weddings where the DJ has not been good & people don't have fun - you all are fantastic!!...Just a huge THANK YOU to you guys! We were impressed with everything! I/we knew exactly the 'feel' we wanted our wedding reception to have & it was absolutely perfect!  Jimmy was AWESOME & definitely kept the night going.  Not once did anyone come up to myself or a family member saying "pay the DJ more $ so he doesn't leave" - I have gone to so many weddings where that has happend & he was not concerned & knew what we wanted (time)! All of our friends & family only had great things to say about Jimmy & the service! So Jimmy, THANK YOU again for making our day absolutely perfect! You guys are the best!!"  Jen & Matt Little 09-08-12

"(pre-event) Very helpful...Average pricing. The services provided were worth every penny we spent...(sound) Supurb!!...(Lighting) Very classy, high quality...We were extremely satisfied, Michael was great. Very personable and the guests loved him. Hands down the best emcee service I've seen...Keep up the good work!! Tryly made our day Perfect! :) "  Lyndsey 09-08-13

"...very helpful and easy to work with...Did not contact other companies, but thought the pricing was very reasonable...Michael did an awesome job at our wedding, he was on top of everything from start to finish. We could not have asked for a better DJ! Everyone had so much fun. Thank you!"  Katie & John 09-01-12

"We only contacted you...I appreciated that you played music we had requested. You did a great job transitioning to each song. You were easy-going, like we are, and we appreciated that...Great experience - especially since the music was extremely important to us for the reception. We would use you again!"    Shelley & Matt 08-18-12

"(price) High end - but worth it...Very happy...Michael did a fantastic job. We had a great day. We also really liked your ability to have back up DJs, sound system, etc..." Katie & Richard      08-18-12

"I did not contact any other companies...Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone...Sean was WONDERFUL! The music selection could not have been better. He ensured that our wishes were met and then some!"  Nicole 8-11-12

"(referred by) Sarah Lee Welch Photography...Michael & Michelle were great to work with during the planning, and Sean was a lot of fun the night of....Price was comparable to other companies, but on the lower end. Quality for the price was good...Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!"  Lindsay & Ben 08-05-12

"(price) Maybe a little high, but worth the price...(sound & light) Excellent...Michael was excellent! Professional, but fun. He really set the tone for the entire event. He was just what we wanted. Great job!...The best we have seen."  Lara & Eddie 08-04-12

"Dear Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so wonderful! Everyone in your company that I worked with was excellent and very professional. Sean, our DJ, was amazing!  The dance floor was never empty. Guests commented on how great the music was. 2 of my friends are getting married next summer, and I recommended your company to both of them. Thanks again"  Justin & Julie 07-21-12

"(price) Lower than several, higher than a few...worth the price...Really felt Sean did a great job. He engaged the crowd and kept things moving..." Julie & Justin 07-21-12

"Dear Michael & Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for your wonderful and professional performance at our wedding on July 20th at Villa Parker.  We appreciated all of your attention on our thoughts throughout the wedding.  We will be recommending you to all of our friends for their upcoming weddings. Thank you"  Lindsay & Casey 07-20-12 

"(referred by) Brookside Gardens...(pre-event helful?) Very much so!...(price) Low which is why we used you but also because they came highly recommended and had used Brookside Gardens before...Michael kept the party going all night long! Many thanks!" Nicole & Jon 07-15-12

"(referred by) Dora Grace Bridal Shop....DJ, Michael, was great! Everyone had a great time. He kept everyone involved and dancing!...Thanks Michael!  You were great!"  Jill & Aaron 07-07-12

"One of the best"  Crista & Russ 07-07-12

"...I have received so many compliments about Bruce and how well he did. They loved his voice. He was on top of everything and really treated us great. A DJ makes a wedding and Bruce did that!" Tarah & Christopher 07-07-12

"Thank you for making it a special day! You did an awesome job. Would definitely recommend you! Thanks again!"  Carol & Nick 06-30-12

"Everyone was great!...(sound) Awesome! 10 of 10!...(Lighting) So cool! 10 of 10!...Great! Friendly reasonable, professional and wonderfully priced!...From what I saw (price) was low for the service we got....Thank you SO much!..."  Kendra & Danial 06-23-12

"Used prior in my work (Kiowa Schools)...Very professional and very polite...Wonderful - Jimmy was exceptional and very personable. We will absolutely use you guys again!!"  Megan & Jim 06-23-12

"(Pre-event) Very nice & helpful...We were very happy with our DJ Sean. He interacted with everyone so well, knew all the right music to play, and he took the stress off of us during the reception!"  Rachel & Alex 06-23-12

"(referred by) RC Special Events...(pre-event) Michelle took the time to explain everything. Michael was thorough with all the details...(Price) We felt it was right in the middle, the service was exceptional and I was never concerned with our chose because of SOTR professionalism...(sound and lighting) Excellent...I felt like when I spoke with Michelle she was genuine, never a sales pitch. Confident with the company...Trent was very personable...We were very happy with Trent. Our guests had fun. He took very good care of our entire bridal party and was very patient..." Andrea & Larry 06-23-12

"(Price) Very competitive, especially for the high quality...Better than most others we have seen/ heard... Thank you for doing such a great job on such short notice especially with our unique reception wedding party introductions!! We recommend you to everyone!!"  Lara & Bobby 06-21-12

"(referred from) A customer at work...(pre-event) more than helpful...Very professional, classy and Michael was fantastic and took care of everything.  We didn't have to worry about anything. He coordinated with all the other vendors and ran the ceremony exactly how we wanted. We actually were able to enjoy our wedding and not have any worries!" Susanne & Steve 06-16-12

"(Price) It was right in the middle to slightly higher - we were impressed with our initial meeting and our whold experience with the company!...(Lighting) Lots of options, but even the basic package was more than enough to make our day awesome!...Definitely the most professional & on top of things out of all of the companies/ people we delt with during the wedding planning process!...We just wanted to say how much we truly enjoyed Jimmy! His energy and attitude is so much fun and we would definitely use him again! He made our night a blast!  Thanks again!"  Shane & Alison 06-09-12

"Michael, All I can say is WOW! You did a phenominal job on Saturday. The guest/crowd loved you. They raved about you afterwards to Eric & I. We can't say enough how grateful we were to have such a fun, knowledgable DJ. We definitely plan to refer you out to as many people as possible...Thank you again!"  Lauren & Eric 06-09-12

"AWESOME!...We are still getting comments from our guests about how great our DJ was!"  Tiffany & Jeremy 06-02-12

"...I love the DJ pics and info (on website)...responded very quickly to my questions and changes...I didn't get pricing from any other companies, your reviews were great & I just went with you guys...First time I have hired any sound company...(sound) Awesome...(Lighting) Great, especially for a basic package...Matt did a great job at our wedding, especially considering there were so many unexpected changes. The weather was bad so the whole schedule was thrown off, but he just went with it & made it work. The person who was supposed to be our contact for the night & be in charge of all the vendors wasn't there at all.  Matt quietly got directions from the groom & I and made everything work. Things could have been a disaster with a less experienced DJ. Thank you Matt!!"  Ashley & Sonny 05-27-12

"(referred by) Preferred vendor for Hilton...(pre-event) Extremely helpful!...(price) Lower than other for more services...Very personal & much more thorough...Michael was beyond outstanding! He knew just what extra songs would work for our ceremony and made our reception so fun! Family is still complimenting how awesome he was!"  Matt & Valerie 05-27-12

"To Sounds of the Rockies-- ...on this DJ's (Sean) absolutely exceptional work! I could not believe how professional and knowledgeable this DJ was.  From set-up to close-down, this DJ was more, much more than we expected.  Superb job on the following:  --DJ arrived very early, polished appearance, professionally groomed and attired  --DJ managed the timeline of introductions, cake cutting, toasts, first dances very well. He never appeared to rush events, yet was always on time. The evening was extremely well paced due to the time management of our DJ. And, yet, he made it look totally effortless and free-flowing! This is a valuable skill!  --Music selection was top notch. We had a very diverse crowd and I can honestly say that this DJ's music selection kept the entire crowd on the floor all night. This was not a wedding reception where the floor is empty and everyone is sitting down or going home. Honestly, the dance floor just pulsed with dancing guests all night. The DJ was very open to requests from the guests, which added to the party atmosphere.      --Sound quality, lights and equipment. An A+ on all the features that you never think about until they go on the fritz. Superb sound quality and fun lighting all night.  Finally, I strongly encourage your wedding clients to use your sound equipment and service for the wedding ceremony rather than "for-free" services available at the church or wedding venue. (** provided the sound system for the out-door wedding. It was a DISASTER. The sound system went in and out, complete with scratchy distortion sounds, for the entire wedding service! After the wedding sound was entirely botched by the venue, the wedding consultant said 'we are not sound technicians.'  Yes, clearly not, so why would you offer the service?) We should have taken the advice of Sounds of the Rockies to spend the extra money to employ the professional DJ for all wedding sound. It is well worth the extra money to ensure that your guests can actually hear the wedding.  Best regards and thanks to our DJ for top-notch, exceptional services at a reasonable price!"  B.J. Kranz (Bride's mom) for Courtney & Andy 05-26-12

"(Pre-event) - You all did an amazing job quicklyt replying with everything we needed!...(Price) low - best deal we could find and an amazing value for the money!...(Lights) Gret - really made it more fun!...You all were wonderful! Very friendly, easy to work with and you really made our reception incredibly fun for everyone that was there! Thank you so much!"  Brandon & Melissa 04-14-12

"We didn't contact other companies...Everything was amazing at the wedding and how you guys worked with us and our budget was even better.  Thanks for being a part of our big day and helping make it awesome!"  Miranda & Matt 01-21-12

"To the owners of Sounds of the Rockies and any couple considering Sounds of the Rockies as the DJ for their Wedding:  My new wife and I would like to thank Jimmy for the amazing job he did at our wedding on January 6, 2012. For the moment we first met with Jimmy we were confident that we would have an amazing reception. Jimmy not only met but far exceeded our expectations. The days leading up to the wedding Jimmy was in contact making sure all our requests and worries were addressed, he was in contact with our venue to make sure everything ran flawlessly, and really gave us peace of mind that was needed in the stressful moments leading up to the wedding. Our reception was unbelievable, the music choices couldn't have been better, and the entire guest list danced from start to finish. He never took a break, played all the songs we requested and made the reception more fun then we could have ever expected. Two weeks after our wedding we are still hearing from friends and family how much fun they had. Our venues event staff commented that they have never seen every guest dancing the ENTIRE TIME like they did at ours! It is all due to the amazing job Jimmy did. My new wife and I would like to thank Jimmy and the Sounds of the Rockies for the best party of our lives and would recommend their services to anyone and everyone looking to have a wonderful time!"  Sincerely, Taylor and Holly Henricks 01-06-12

"(Referred) Another wedding we attended...(Pre-event) Everyone was so nice and helpful!...(Price) Just right - if you want high quality then you have to pay for it - we expected your pricing!...Both were awesone! - Music was perfect for our atmosphere & the lights were amazing...You guys were awesome - I have seen a couple of very bad DJs and you are no comparison! Jimmy was awesome - he knew exactly what we wanted and kept our crowd dancing all night!  Thank you for everything - we were so happy with how everything turned out...You all were very great to work with. Jimmy was very polite & knew exactly how to control the situation all night! Thanks again!" ..."Jimmy: I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for everything you did for our wedding...Jake and I are so appreciative to have had someone like you there to get our guests out on the floor and show everyone a great time. We have had numerous compliments on you and how amazing our wedding was, most even say 'best wedding they have ever been to'!...Thank you again for everything, Jake and I as well as our guests had a blast.  You guys were amazing to work with and I wouldn't have changed anything! I appreciate your hard work and commitment..."  Taylor and Jake 12-31-11

"...everyone was very helpful...I think you were about average in price, a very good quality for our money...Very good"  Amanda 12-03-11

"(referred by) Multiple wedding vendors...(Price)...We were pleased! DJ was lower than one, more than another.  Photo Booth was much cheaper and well worth it!...Jimmy was very helpful and friendly in the beginning/ initial meeting. Our DJ (Sean) was great from planning details to the night of our wedding. People were happy with the music & he kept the crowd up on what was happening next without being overbearing..."  Rachel & Jeremy 11-11-11

"(Pre-event) All of the staff members were helpful, professional and warm...I have never used another DJ service before, but Matt was more professional and helpful than other DJs we interviewed...Matt was wonderful!!  All of my guests raved about him and he really went above and beyond for us! He was so responsive to our needs during the entire process...(Price) I would say you were in the average to high range and the quality of service was absolutely with it!!"  Liz & Nathan 09-24-11

"(Price) Low - well within our budget! :) Wonderful options...but the basic package was everything we needed...Service was fantastic - no pressure!...Jimmy was wonderful in helping us with our final song choices...Thank you so much for everything!"  Megan & Aaron 09-23-11

"(Price) Just perfect!....only have used one DJ before & you guys were great! Music fit the occasion & desires of us & our guests!...Thanks, you were great!  We had a lot of fun!"  Shannon & Max 09-23-11

"(Referred) Through working with you at Embassy Suites...Didn't contact any other company...We were so pleased with everything provided!  Trent was amazing - perfect DJ for us! There is nothing we would improve on. Although initially we hesitated on using a DJ - now I couldn't imagine not using you!"  Rhonda & Joe 09-17-11 

"Great to work with...(Sound & Light) Awesome...Great selection of music. DJ was great and also helped a lot during reception..."  Dustin & Heidi 09-17-11

"(Price) On the lower end.  Most services were higher. Some were lower...(Sound & Lights) 10, very pleased...Very pleased with the entire service. Matt displayed professionalism and communicated well. Music was fantastic!! Just what we asked for. Matt was also adaptable when people requested music. Very much happy with your service. Thank you for helping Allie and I make our day very special.  Matt and Sounds of the Rockies has my highest recommendations!"  Joe & Alexandra 09-16-11

"(Pre-event) Every time we talked it was very helpful...(Price) Average, price seemed very competitive. For what we received in service, it was well worth the price...We have only used your services and were very pleased!...Matt was fantastic!  Great personality, very accommodating, good at his job. Nothing but great things to say about Matt!  For that matter, nothing but good things to say about your entire business..."  Chelsea & Jason 09-11-11 

"...very helpful and always returned calls in a timely manner...(Price) Very reasonable! Great service...We spoke with one other company and they were not as friendly. Pricing was about the same but your customer service was better..."  Lindsay & Justin 09-10-11

"Excellent...Great job!"  John (Father of the Bride) 9-09-11

"...(Pre-event) Sean was awesome & helpful...very flexible with my requests... (DJ) Matt was awesome and communicated every request and details!...This was a great match for our needs. Low key & honored our requests exactly!...Perfect wedding! :)  Thank you!"  Jessy & James 08-21-11

"Honestly, we didn't contact anyone else...Very professional and easy to work with...Matt did an excellent job at our wedding celebration.  He did a great job of communicating with us throughout the evening.  Our guests loved how quick he was to play requests..."  Jessica 08-20-11

"(Referred) Through RC Special Events...(Price) Competitive - a little lower than others...We were impressed with Jeff as he took time out on a Sunday afternoon to meet with us. Also, he remained calm under some pressure when he lost our selections at the beginning of the reception due to weather & he had to get everything back again during the ceremony and reception...(Sound) Excellent 10...(Decor lighting) Great! 10"  Alan & Linda 08-20-11

"Great people - excellent MC...Thank you for everything - you guys were great. We loved everything!"  Shawn & Brea 08-20-11

"We actually found out about Sounds of the Rockies by chance. We were searching for local DJs on YouTube and found one of your videos...Sean was very knowledgeable and helpful with all of the available options to which we could choose for our ceremony and reception...After shopping around, the decision was almost effortless. Your pricing structure was very reasonable if not lower than a few of your competitors. We were also impressed with the wide variety of lighting options and the remote power source that really fit with our ceremony locale. We would also like to say that we were impressed with Matt's (DJ) professionalism... Both the music quality at the ceremony and at our reception was excellent.  The up-lights and bliss-light package really made an elegant addition to our reception...Keep up the great work, Sounds of the Rockies is a top notch group of professionals."  Chad & Tanya 08-11-11

"(Pre-event)..they were extremely helpful and easy to work with...(Price) on the high end, but you get what you pay for....More than anything, is is the person - DJ - that matters. Trent was professional and I would use him again"  Matt & Jacqui 08-06-11

"Michelle was great :)...The price was medium to high, but the service was worth it...Jimmy was on time and set-up everything perfectly. He was professional. Thanks!"  Lizzy 08-06-11 

"Thanks!  Had a great time. Sean was awesome..."  Barb ~ Mother of the Bride 07-30-11

"I really thought the DJ was very flexible with some of the unforeseen delays we had.  He worked through them and delivered exactly what we needed.  He was very good to work with. We would highly recommend him."  Michelle & Jacob 07-29-11

"Your service was excellent, and Sean was very professional and effective.  He did such a good job that we almost didn't notice him, which was nice, as opposed to a DJ that won't shut up... We were extremely happy with your professional level of service and Sean's ability to work the crowd and keep the dance floor full. With a wide age range @ our wedding, that says a lot. We would use you again and recommend you to anyone else looking for a DJ." "It was an amazing start to the rest of our lives. Thank you for a job well done. You were a hit!"  Heidi & John    07-16-11

"...A variety of price ranges available for different budget needs - quality was great!... fit our style & personality - others seemed a little flashy/ showy and cheesy... Our DJ Trent was great! He kept the party going until the end, people responded well to his music selection.  He was nice and responded quickly to song requests."  Angela & James 07-16-11

"...everyone was awesome!...The release of tables with trivia was fun & entertaining to our guests. We have received a lot of positive feedback about it..."  Nick & Audra 07-09-11

"(Referred by) Sarah Lee Welch Photography...Michelle was FANTASTIC!! I also worked with Don, Sean and Matt - everyone was super helpful. Your prices came in lower, yet the quality was much better - Thank you!...You were knowledgeable and you guys really, really know what you're doing...Thank you Don for visiting the venue & checking out the sound system. Thanks Michelle for always being friendly & just an email away. Thanks to Sean for finalizing everything efficiently. And thank you Matt for being a perfect DJ for our special day! You were terrific and I wouldn't have changed a thing!!  Thank You"  Brittany & Lance 07-03-11

"Recommended by Embassy Suites (Loveland)...I felt like the price was right in the middle - quality of service/equipment were exceptional...10...Don did an amazing job playing awesome music - we got a lot of compliments - as well as keeping the event flowing and on time...We are so happy with your service - definitely our favorite aspect of the wedding.  Thank you!!!"  Kristin & Chris Hau 07-02-11 

"I teach at Smoky Hill and you guys DJ there...Everyone was very nice, helpful, and prompt ...(Price) Maybe a little bit higher but it was well worth it, and I thought very affordable!...Very good DJ (Sean) - helpful, lots of energy, good music selection/ combination...Thank you for everything! Sean was great and everyone wanted to keep the party going! PERFECT!!"  Erin & Nick 07-02-11

"We enjoyed working with you...thought the price was terrific and quality was excellent...You did an excellent job. We had several people tell us after the reception that they really liked the DJ! :) Jeff had a very nice, easy to listen to, voice..."  Jenna & Brady 06-26-11

"(Pre-event)...Sean did a great job making sure we would have what we needed and that the night would run smoothly...Great price!! We hope to send you a lot of business in return!...(Sound & Decor Lighting) 10 - Awesome! Thanks so much! The lights/ equipment was awesome! We got a lot of compliments!...Matt was awesome! He kept the dance floor full.  People had a ton of fun and we didn't worry about a thing the whole night! Thank you!"  Matt & Sara 06-19-11

"(Referred by) Kathleen at RC Special Events...Everyone I came in contact with was GREAT!...Very good (price)! Pretty similar to other pricing but SO MUCH for your money!...You are the best I have come in contact with. We heard time & time again how amazing Jeff was! He was so wonderful!...From start to finish Sounds of the Rockies Entertainment Group was so easy to work with. The planning guide was a great tool to plan our ceremony and reception. Sean was also so helpful in the organizing process & Jeff made our reception perfect!  Thank you so much!"  Christine & Shane 06-18-11

"(Referred by) Marriott Ft. Collins...(Pre-event) Sean was awesome!...First (DJ) used - GOOD - Kept the part going nicely...Thanks for everything!"  Liz & David 06-18-11

"I just wanted to let you know that Sean did an awesome job at my daughter's wedding this last Saturday! We really appreciated the fact that everything was very timely and he was able to keep the guests enjoying every minute of the reception...all the way until almost midnight. He also worked with us until the last minute getting the music set for the ceremony. I know the bride and groom were very happy with everything he did...Thanks for everything, and we'll definitely recommend Sounds of the Rockies to anyone needing a DJ service."  Sandy, Mother of the Bride 06-11-11

"We love Sounds of the Rockies...I have used you before...Matt totally made our wedding and reception. He was so accommodating.  Everyone loved him.  He played the songs we requested and kept everyone dancing. :)  He was absolutely wonderful..."  Troy & Dusty 06-11-11

"We just wanted to send an email thanking you guys for DJing our wedding. We were very impressed! Matt kept everything organized and things running smoothly throughout teh night. He kept us updated as to what was going on. We got many compliments on the music, especially out at the ceremony. We will be recommending you to anyone! Thanks for everything!"  Shauna & Ryan 06-05-11

"(Saw at) Friends wedding...(Pre-Event) Very nice, friendly, easy to work with, very knowledgeable...(Quality) Great, everyone had fun...Nice lights, good quality...Better than some DJs at other weddings I've been to...You guys were great! So nice, helpful, knowledgeable. Jimmy was fantastic! My family really liked how he kept playing music while they cleaned up & very nice, went the extra mile! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves & the dance floor was constantly busy :) ...Thank you SO much!! We loved you guys!" "Jimmy & Sounds of the Rockies, Thank you for making our weddingd day so extra special!"  Jennifer & Josh 06-04-11

"Very fair pricing - made the effort to help us stay within our budget...(Service & Equipment) Excellent... Michelle was very helpful & responsive to all our emails. Sean had a great personality and was great to work with. Thanks so much for everything..."  Kelli & AJ 06-03-11 

"Jeff did a great job!!"  Kameron & Eric 05-14-11

"(Referred by) Sarah Lee Welch Photography...(Price) A great value!...(Sound & Lights) A+...Reasonable pricing and our DJ did a great job!...David did a great job. We got a lot of compliments regarding the music from our wedding guests. Thank you!"  Jessica & Shane 03-26-11

"(Referred by) Casey @ Pink Diamond Event Planners...We had one meeting with you all and were very impressed :) ...You guys were a lot more fun and professional than other people/ companies we've talked to. We liked the enthusiasm!...Service was most definitely worth the price we paid!...(sound & lights) 10 :) We loved the different lights!...We LOVED how the DJ was interactive (cake cutting, bouquet/ garter toss) but wasn't too interactive when it came to other aspects.  We had TONS of compliments about the DJ!  He was fun and helped make our night unforgettable!"  Colin & Amy 02-06-11

"(Price)Just right...(Service)Awesome"  Kyle & Amber 01-08-11 

"Matt did a great job.  He was perfect with set up before the wedding and break down afterward. I didn't have to worry at all.  He was absolutely great during the ceremony."  Matt & Beth   12-04-10

"Great job! We were very happy with Sounds Of The Rockies ...Thank you!"  Michael & Danielle 11-13-10

"Sounds of the Rockies was such a pleasure to work with.  Michelle was wonderful & so helpful in setting everything up.  Sean worked hard to make sure everything ran smooth & on schedule. I appreciate everyone's attention to detail.  Highly recommended!"  Rachel & Aaron 11-06-10

"Jimmy, Thank you for helping make our day special. You did a great job DJing & everyone had a great time."  Mr. & Mrs. Fisher 10-30-10

"...Michelle, I just want to thank Matt for a wonderful job he did with the music on our wedding.  It was perfect, he was so accommodating even with the little guests.  Everyone enjoyed the type of music he played - perfect for all of the guests - we danced all night long.  Thank you"  Manda & Kevin 10-23-10

"Don, Thanks again for being the DJ at our wedding.  The music, the lights, your MCing - it was perfect.  Like we told you last night, both we and our friends have been to a lot of weddings this summer and you were by far the best DJ!  Several different groups of people told us today that their legs were sore from dancing so hard.  So thanks for rocking the party at our wedding!"  Jamison & Courtney  10-16-10

"I got more than a DJ when I talked to Sean about my wedding.  He helped me organize the ceremony and reception and helped me with unique music selections. I really appreciate everyone's help :) "  Jen & Brice 10-02-10

"We really enjoyed working with Matt."  Matt & Jennifer 09-25-10

"Jeff - you were awesome! Thank you for all your hard work! ...You guys are a very good company and know how to treat your clients well & help make their day special!  Thanks again"  Trey & Rhiannon  09-18-10 

"The wedding was wonderful.  The music and lights turned out great.  I am very happy that my company will be using you guys for our C'mas party.  Thanks again for everything."  Megan & Jon 08-21-10 

"Your services were wonderful, excellent customer service & the guy assigned to our event was AWESOME.  Thank you!"  JacQue - Mother of the Bride 08-14-10

"Everyone had a great time. Some people said it was the funnest wedding they have been to.  The only problem is the night ended way too early...(Sound & Light) Excellent +++...(Music selections appropriate for all guests) Excellent ++++...(Compared to other companies you have seen) Best Ever... (Overall Service) Best Ever"  Alyssa & Cody 07-10-10

"We had a blast!  Jimmy was great!"  Sarah & Ken 07-10-10

"Thank you for everything!  It was an amazing night!"  Aaron & Cassie 07-10-10

"The DJ, Jeff, did an amazing job. The party didn't slow down one bit and we still have guests talking about it. Thank you" Mr. &  Mrs. Nira 06-26-10

"Jeff was wonderful! He was very friendly and patient. All of our guests who interacted with Jeff thought he was a great guy and really enjoyed him. We would recommend and engage him again. Thanks again!"  "Jeff, We wanted to thank you for performing at our wedding at the Broadmoor. We know if was a long journey but we thoroughly enjoyed the music and the experience. Everyone thought you did a great job and had a blast. Thank you again for your professionalism."  Kirk & Heather 06-27-10

"(Sound & Light) Excellent + +...Thanks, your DJ did a great job"  Cori & Jeff 06-26-10

"We were very pleased with your company! Michelle was friendly & helpful and Sean was a fantastic DJ at our wedding! Our guests are still talking about him and the music! We would recommend you to anyone! Thank you!" Jake & Jess 06-05-10

"Michelle: Thank you for being so responsive to our questions and steering us through the initial process. We appreciate your friendliness and service.   Sean:  You did a fantastic job at our wedding. We felt like everything moved smoothly and you were great at reading our guests. Thank you for making our wedding memorable...we loved what you did with the cake cutting song 'When I'm 64' and having the guests hold hands and sway."  Eric & Danielle 05-22-10

"Both Jimmy & Sean were friendly and provided our wedding with outstanding music!! I could not have asked for better DJs!! Thank you!!!"  Jessica 05-22-10

"Sean and Matt: Thanks for serving as our DJ for our wedding. Sounds of the Rockies was very professional and kept us in the loop the whole time. Matt - thanks for meeting with us twice to go over details, songs, questions, etc. It helped make everything smoother and less stressful. It was a pleasure working with SOTR and Matt."  Dottie & Mike 05-22-10

"Jeff did an excellent job. The most important part of the reception was that people had a great time & danced and that is exactly what happened. Thanks again" Misti & Jason 05-15-10

"Jimmy did an amazing job playing a mix of music that got everyone (old, young, & in between) dancing. He did GREAT!"  Susan & Mark 04-30-10

"It was such a great night and you guys did an excellent job. Best night of my life"  Brianna & Dan 12-31-09

"The service and responsiveness pre-wedding was impeccable! Jeff was simply fantastic - great energy and by the end of the night my guests were treating him as if he were a new member of the family! Everyone commented that his performance was awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeff and Michelle!"  Taryn & Wade 12-12-09

"We got so many compliments on our DJ, everyone had a wonderful time and the dance floor was always full with people of all ages out there dancing. So many people told us it was the best wedding they've been to and they had so much fun! Thank you so much for a wonderful job! I will certainly recommend you!"  Jeremy & Bethany 10-24-09

"Sean was impeccable at our wedding & reception. He was very professional, informative, nice and willing to accommodate. We can't say enough about the job done with sound during our fabulous day! We would recommend Sounds of the Rockies to anyone! Thanks for making our wedding day as perfect as can be! Kudos to Sean! Thanks!"  David & Cassie 10-02-09

"Awesome in all respects! Couldn't have asked for better. We had so many comments on what great music was played and how the DJ was very perceptive! Thank you so much!!"           Pamela & Derek 09-26-09

"Everything went perfectly. We only wish we could have had more time to keep the party going..."  Kiley & George 09-25-09

"Sean was great! We had the best time and didn't want our reception to end!! Thanks for everything!!" Jami & Dan 12-12-09

"Steven was awesome! He made our day so perfect! We can't tell you enough how perfect he was." Jonae & Tony 09-19-09

"We loved you guys! ...(Jimmy) played many of our requests as well as a good selection of choice. I had so many compliments on our DJ! The music really got my family & friends up and having lots of fun. Jimmy also proved to be flexible with changes that were even made the day of the event. Thank you so much for making my special day even that more memorable!"  Jamie & Matt 09-18-09

"Jeff was an absolute blast at our wedding. He picked out great music and kept the party going. You guys are awesome! Thanks for everything :)"  Jim & Brittney 09-19-09  " I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job our did at [our family] wedding on September 19th. You were fantastic and kept everything going. We all had a great time time (as you could tell) and we had many compliments about you. We will definateaccommodatend you! Thanks again for a great evening."  Sherrie (mother of the bride)

"We had a wonderful time with the two guys you send out. Everyone was easy to work with & we appreciated how they helped pull everything together. We will recommend Sounds of the Rockies to future couples and for upcoming events."  Jackie & Tyler 09-05-09 

"Jeff did a great job especially under the circumstances. We have recommended you already! Thanks for everything." Jackie & John 09-06-09

"Thank you very much! You helped greatly in making the night one to remember. I don't think there was a single song played that no one danced to. You made it fun & enjoyable for everyone."  Elsa & Keith 08-29-09

"Don Kennedy was great! The music for the ceremony went perfectly. He played great music at the reception, the dance floor was full the whole night. He made it possible to continue karaoke even when it started raining and he had to move the projector. He also stayed well past the designated time because everyone was having such a great time. He really made our reception the party we wanted it to be.  Also, Michelle at the office was so helpful & very quick to answer any & all questions we had. She was also able to get all songs we wanted that weren't on their list. Great company, great people & great service! We would highly recommend your company to all our friends! Thank you so much!"  Stephanie & Cory 06-22-09

"Sean was absolutely awesome! People had a great time because of the music! You guys rock, thanks for everything!" Stephanie~Event Planner 08-15-09

"Thanks for everything Don!! Your skills are unmatched and we will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for the 'best of the best'!! You guys are the best!!!"                                   JP & Michelle 07-25-09

"Sean did an amazing job! We were very pleased and will definitely use you again in the future! Thanks!!!" Courtney & Steven 07-25-09

"I just wanted to let you guys know that you totally rocked our wedding. We got married a little over a year ago and we still have friends that talk about how great you were and we have recommended your services to several of our friends who are getting married! Thanks!"  Luke & Judy's Wedding on 06-07-08

"Had a great time & could not have done it without Sean. Thanks for making it memorable!" Jamison & Emily 06-28-09

"Sean Okland was very professional and a pleasure to work with.  He was on time, returned phone calls and was flexible to our needs. We would highly recommend him to anyone with music needs.  If we need music entertainment again, we know who we will call! Thanks!"  Jack & April 06-27-2009 

"Thank you so very much for being such an integral part of our wedding. We feel you did an outstanding job at entertaining our guests. We heard a lot of positive feedback and compliments about your services. Thanks again! We will certainly recommend you and will use you for future events...Thanks again for everything!"  Isaac & Dana 05-21-09 

"Thank you guys for EVERYTHING! You did a fabulous job & our wedding wouldn't have been as much fun without you!...Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony and awesome reception! Everyone, especially us, had so much fun! We couldn't have had a more perfect reception. It was nice to have met with you before, it made all of our 'tasus' a breeze and more fun being so comfortable. It was like having a friend DJing for us..."  Mr. & Mrs. Tucker 06-06-09

"Mark was AMAZING! He kept the party going and he was an absolute blast! Thank you for everything!" Mari & David 06-06-09

"Great job!! Jeff made the reception fun" David & Doreen 04-11-2009

"Sounds of the Rockies did a great job!! Jeff definitely did a wonderful job of keeping the music to match the crowd. We had a great time & would recommend to anyone! Thanks!" Michelle & Mitchell 10-11-2008

"Matt was great- We've been to a lot of weddings and Matt was the best DJ. He kept us on our schedule perfectly, our night was flawless. Thanks!!" Brian & Bre 06-28-2008

"Josh was an amazing DJ. Some of our friends (who have attended many weddings) made the comment that he was the best DJ that they have encountered." Grant & Susan 10-18-2008

"The DJ picked great songs that were appropriate for each part of the night. The music helped make our wedding fun for everyone. Thank You!" Leah Schichtel 10-11-2008

 "You guys (Sean) did a great job, thank you so much" - Gail & Ryan  9-26-2008

"Sean, You were great! Thank You!" - Jeanette McDonough 9-6-2008

"Thank you for everything! We enjoyed our wedding immensely, and the best part was all the dancing everyone did! Thank you! - Kyle & Hattie  9-19-2008

"Our DJ was perfect! (Sean) He adapted to the changes that occurred throughout the reception and made sure everyone had a fun and memorable time! Thank you so much Sounds of the Rockies!" - Sarah Trytten 8-30-2008

"Jeff was an excellent DJ and he was a very good fit for our event. Jeff has a great ability to asses the crowd and adjust the music selection and volume accordingly." - Christine Lum-Lung   09-13-2008

"Jeff was great. Thank you for everything!" Jennifer Sack 8-23-2008

"Steven King was excellent! He made our evening so enjoyable. All of our guests commented on what an amazing music selection was played. Thank You!" Sarah Riker 8-16-2008

"We had a great time. Jeff read the crowd perfectly. He moved around the room and was very personable with all our guests. They all said how much they enjoyed him." - Alicia Lawrence     8-8-08

"Josh was very good! He knew how to keep the party going strong. I would highly recommend him and Sounds of the Rockies to others. Thank You!" - Cassie Kleensang 8-16-08

"The DJ did a great job in moving the ceremony along after having to adjust to the patio area. We were very happy with the event and Joshua was a Big part of that." -Mary Riddle 8-8-2008

"The DJ did a great job coordinating events and with the music order." Steve Folkerts 8-2-2008

"Everything went really well. Thanks Josh!" Mark Boleman 6-6-2008

"Josh did a fabulous job at out ceremony and wedding. The Wedding flowed very nicely and kept the party happening guests dancing and involved. Everyone had a great time! Josh was wonderful and easy going to work with and very responsible in a timely manner. I already have recommended him to several others. We were very happy with his services!!" - Rachel Stacey July 11th 2008

"Everything was perfect and thank you for making our special day great." Krystina Sanchez

"Sean did an excellent job and really helped the reception events move along nicely. He played all the songs we wanted (and didn't play the ones we didn't like), and made good song selections. We were very impressed and  Sean for making our evening Great!" Elizabeth Havekost 6-13-2008

"Sean did a great job! Through out he was very thorough in the pre-event planning and did a great job with our reception. Thanks so much!" - David Delagarza 5-25-2008

"Thank you for a great time. It was awesome." Brandi Atherton 6-7-2008

"Thank you so much! It was wonderful to have you! Please ask for Amy Carlson as a reference" Amy Carlson 1-12-2008

"Several of our guests asked who our DJ (Jeff) was and if he was a friend because he fit in so well on our wedding day. He was Truly outstanding and did a great job getting all the kids involved" - Kirstie Coombes 4-26-2008

"Thank you for making our day wonderful." - Kristen Dwyer 6-7-2008

"You were awesome at reading the guests and played what would get them on the floor. Thanks!" - Holly Doyle 5-17-2008

"Great and respectful service was provided to us by the DJ. Thank You!" - Katie Jack 1-5-2008

"Our situation at the location was somewhat up in the air and Josh was calming and very helpful." - Elah Watson 5-16-2008

"With all the problems I dealt with from our venue, it was so nice to know that you guys had your act together. Everything turned out great. Thank You! We will recommend Josh and Sounds of the Rockies to everyone!" - Jen & Jake 5-10-2008

"Thank you so much for everything. Thanks to Don and everyone else there who made our day perfect!" Rebbecca Heath 9-8-2007

"Thanks for providing such an awesome service! As a Limo driver I have been to hundreds of weddings and Josh was by far the best I have ever seen! Thank you so much!" - Mark and Marget 8-12-2007

"We had tons of compliments about the music but more importantly about the DJ. Josh did a great job getting guests involved. Thank you!" - Roxann Cochran 10-27-2007

"Sean was wonderful!!! I am still getting compliments on him from family & friends. I will definitely recommend Sounds of the Rockies to everyone entertaining again for making my wedding day wonderful!" Kimberly Reed 10-5-2007

"I can't begin to explain what an amazing job Josh and the rest of the Sounds of the Rockies crew did. My event greatly exceeded my expectations and I know that your service was the reason why. Please thank Josh again for us. We have already recommended your company to others and will continue to in the future! Thank you!" Meghan O'Donnell 9-18-2007

"You guys were amazing! The wedding went super well, everything just flowed perfectly.  Several guests have called to rave about you! We couldn't have asked for a better time or for a better DJ.  Thanks, Don!" Sara Guerin 9-11-2007

"Thanks Josh you did an awesome job!" - Kacey Christman 5-12-2007

"Everything went very well. I think our event is a little different than others you have done but Sean did a great job. Thanks!" - Jennifer Wright  7-28-2007

"I want to thank Don and his staff for going the extra mile at our wedding. They truly took the stress out of the entire event and just 'handled' any issues that came up so my wife and I could enjoy our special day. Don and his staff were a pleasure to work with and always listened to what we wanted.  The day of the wedding I decided to stop by the reception hall and poke my head my suprise all the DJ gear was set up and ready to go. The equipment was top of the line pro-quality and acoustically flattering to the room we were in. Special care was taken to make sure that the sonic quality was second to none. After the ceremony, we arrived at the reception, Don had our whole wedding party lined up and organized, ready for introductions. Don looked very professional and classy, wearing formal attire, fitting in to the dress code perfectly. As soon as we were introduced, Don immediately took control and put our event into fluid motion. The next part of our reception was what set Don apart from all other DJs. Our caterer dropped the ball...bad. We were supposed to begin eating within ten minutes of when my wife and I sat down. In all actuality it was about an hour before the head table was served, not to mention the other 500 people waiting behind us! Don kept his cool, entertained the crowd, and got on my caterer to find out what was going on.  During this whole process my wife and I never worried...he had handled it. After we were done eating, Don took charge and put the reception in full motion, event after the events (cake, toasts, garter/bouquet, first dance, etc.). Don had truly saved our wedding and I can't thank him enough. ...Our dance floor was packed the entire night, not once did our dance floor empty. The energy level was kept high until the moment we left. We would absolutely recommend Sounds of the Rockies to anyone planning an event that needs a DJ.  My wife and I interviewed several different companies, but with in the first seven seconds of meeting Don, I knew this is who would go with.  Don diffused a stressful situation and let my wife and I just sit back and enjoy our day. Don kept our dance floor full the entire night, playing the best music. For this we can't thank Don and his staff enough for making our special day easy and worry free. Thank you!" --John Dellenbach of Dellenbach Motors 6-1-2007

Josh was a fantastic DJ, he really contributed to our special day. He was very thorough, professional, and attentive to our wishes in meetings before our wedding and was nice enough to make changes right up to the day before our reception. He was fantastic at the reception, keeping events moving along with professionalism and setting a great pace with the musical selections. We were completely impressed with his service. We've gotten several comments from our guests about what a 'fun wedding' it was! We'll remember it forever! We would be happy to recommend you, should you ever need it! We'll be in touch, we had so much fun this time around we're planning on doing it again for our 10th anniversary! Thank you for an amazing evening!" - Kara & Neil 12-16-2006

"Hayes & I had so much fun. Don was Awesome! We will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you for making it a blast!" - Vanessa Diaz 9-2-2006

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a great time and had a wonderful DJ. You responded quickly to some concerns, and they were taken care of immediately. Please feel free to reference me and I will be sure to reference you any time I get a chance! Thanks again. " - Heather Hohweiler 9-9-2006

"Thank you for your excellent services. We've been to countless weddings and are very happy to say that ours had the best DJ we've seen. Please feel free to use us for referrals. Don was just fabulous - professional and fun!" - Josh Leppert 6-25-2006

"Thank you so much! Josh was Great! All of our guests raved about how great he was!" - Laura Hunter & Matt Stepher 7-9-2005

"Josh was very professional and was able to take control of our wedding and help make it a success. Thanks!" - Scott Sliski 9-13-2003

"Great Job!! We've heard from many of our guests that this was the 'best wedding ever.' Your choice of music and response to requests kept people dancing (and drinking!) all night.  Two thumbs up!"    - Julie Christiansen 6-26-2004

"Thank you very much for providing great music. All of our guests had a great time. Some of them never dance at weddings! Good Job. Thanks a Lot!"  - Paul & Lori Peterson 9-22-2001

"You did an excellent job, especially made the ceremony easy to just 'walk down the isle' we didn't have to worry about anything." - Peggy Poore 10-6-2001

"You guys did an awesome job. Thanks so much for everything." Brittany Sanchez  12-1-2001

"Josh was outstanding!!! He has great timing and performed our every request. Your selection of music was organized, giving us many choices. Everyone we spoke to at Sounds of the Rockies was professional and we felt very cared about. I worked with several people on the wedding details and none of them came close to the treatment and service we received from Sounds of the Rockies. The call I received before the wedding was the 'BEST' (Detailed) touch. You are lucky to have Josh Thank You!! - Barbara & George 11-10-2001

"You were professional and great! All of our guests commented on how much fun the music and dance was. Thank You!!" - Briana Campbell 8-18-2001

"Josh was a wonderful DJ. Our wedding music was awesome! We will highly recommend you! Thanks for everything it was great!" Bob & Amy Provopulos 6-29-2002

"Josh went out of his way to help us with everything. He more than helped our wedding reception run smoothly. Josh, thank you for all your help in making our day so special." Jason & Natalie 6-8-2002

"I thought the DJ was great. We didn't have the biggest dancing crowd yet he did a great job of getting people on the dance floor. He also did an excellent job of organizing all of the events. I would recommend you guys to anyone." Shannon Knight 7-14-2002

"Thank you, we had a great time! Josh, thank you for being flexible. We would definitely use Sounds of the Rockies again." - Heather Kirby 5-25-2002

"Josh was an amazing DJ we have had a lot of comments on how well he did. We even have people asking for business cards. Could you please send us some so we can refer you." - Brad and Whitney  6-22-2002

"We had an excellent time with Don as our DJ. He played all the right music to entertain everybody who was there. Great guy to talk to and we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks a lot!" - Jason Sansone 7-19-2002

"Our DJ made our reception a memorable experience. I was asked numerous times and complimented many times on who was our DJ and he was great! Don, you were great! I couldn't have asked for anything better!" -Eric Granger 8-2-2002

"Everything went beautifully. It was a magical night" - Matthew Wells 8-10-2002

"Don was excellent. He had my 9 year old niece and my 82 year old grandmother dancing. He was very professional and he kept the crowd entertained. I would recommend him in a heartbeat" - Jennifer Bergen 11-9-2002

"Wow! One of the best aspects of our wedding was Don's amazing job. We were so impressed. Thank you for making our wedding so beautiful!" - Lori Wade 8-3-2003

"Josh was very professional & handled our requests for special selections with ease. Many people complimented us on the music and the good job he did." - Mandy Lickly 6-7-2003

"Josh, Thank you again. We had a wonderfully fun evening with your help. P.S. After attending a wedding with a different company - you are by far the best!!" - Tiffany Ehrlich 6-26-2003

"Don, you made our day perfect. You were the perfect combination of fun and professional. I have not one complaint. Thanks for everything. I couldn't have been more impressed."    Brandon and Jeny 7-12-2003

"You guys are awesome! You all impress me every time!! Thank you so much for making my day extra special!" - Lindsey Wright 9-25-2004

"Great Job! Lots of good comments from all guests!" - Tamara Schlenker 7-10-2004

"Don did a great job and really kept the wedding moving smoothly. Thanks again you are great!!" - Lindsey and Joe 7-10-2004

"Everything turned out great! Josh did a wonderful job of making things run smoothly. I got many comments from my guests later that they were impressed by the DJ. Thanks Josh!!" - Tracey & Stephen  9-4-2004

"It was a wonderful time. The mix was good and the guests had a great time. Josh was great and kept the dance floor hopping! It would be a pleasure to recommend Sounds of the Rockies and Josh!" - Debby Klein 9-4-2005

"Thank you so much for helping to make our reception a success. Don did a great job of announcing the events of the evening and kept things running smoothly. The music was awesome and everyone had a great time dancing. Thank you!" - John & Amy  7-30-2004

"Our event was a huge success.  It was wonderful to have Josh running the show. Everything flowed nicely and the crowd enjoyed the music selection. The "snowball" idea was outstanding, it got everyone on the dance floor." - Mellanie Ehrlich 8-3-2002